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Chile Evanjelico (1909–1910) (Chilean Pentecostal Periodicals, 1909–1983)

History of Theological Education at Oral Roberts University (Theological Heritage of ORU)

Oral Roberts University (ORU) houses a world-class College of Theology and Ministry that has offered theological higher education continuously for fifty years. This brief history is not the story of this globally influential institution that pioneered Pentecostal-charismatic theological education at the university level. That story must be written in detail at a later time. Instead, this history of graduate theological education at ORU was written in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the University (1965–2015) by Dr. Larry Hart, a graduate of the university, a former chaplain, and a highly regarded current professor.

From the Introduction by Thomson K. Mathew, Dean, and Cheryl L. Iverson, Associate Dean, Spring 2016

Regnum Edinburgh Centenary Series (Holy Spirit Research Center)

The 1910 Edinburgh Centenary of the World Missionary Conference is a suggestive moment for many people seeking direction for Christian mission in the 21st century. Several different constituencies within world Christianity held significant events around 2010. Since 2005 an international group has worked collaboratively to develop an intercontinental and multi-denominational project, now known as Edinburgh 2010, and based at New College, University of Edinburgh. This initiative brought together representatives of twenty different global Christian bodies, representing all major Christian denominations and confessions and many different strands of mission and church life, to prepare for the Centenary.

Essential to the work of the Edinburgh 1910 Conference, and of abiding value, were the findings of the eight think-tanks or "commissions." These inspired the idea of a new round of collaborative reflection on Christian mission – but now focussed on nine themes identified as being key to mission in the 21st century. The study process has been polycentric, open-ended, and as inclusive as possible of the different genders, regions of the world, and theological and confessional perspectives in today’s church. The titles of the resulting Edinburgh 2010 Series are divided into two categories: (1) the three official titles of Edinburgh 2010, and (2) publications of various study groups, including the Edinburgh 2010 main study groups, transversal, regional, and different confessional study groups.

These publications express the ethos of Edinburgh 2010 and will make a significant contribution to its study process. Material published in this series will inevitably express a diverse range of views and positions. These will not necessarily represent those of the series’ editors or of the Edinburgh 2010 General Council, but in publishing them the leadership of Edinburgh 2010 hopes to encourage conversation between Christians and collaboration in mission. All the series volumes are commended for study and reflection in both churches and academies.

Spiritus: ORU Journal of Theology (College of Theology & Ministry)

Spiritus: ORU Journal of Theology publishes studies from all disciplines pertaining to Spirit-empowered Christianity. It emphasizes theological and cognate studies and works from and about Christianity in the Majority World.

Spiritus also reviews pertinent scholarly works and some professional and popular works of merit.

Issues appear in fall and spring and are available freely here but also may be purchased in print. Spiritus is published jointly by the Oral Roberts University College of Theology & Ministry and the University Library's Holy Spirit Research Center. Inquiries for publication, including emerging scholarship, are welcome: Spiritus@oru.edu.

To view an issue other than the one displayed, find "Select an issue" in the column to the right of the image of the journal cover, and click on the caret (triangle pointing down) next to "All Issues" to find the issue you wish to view.

Issues published to date and projected through 2018:

Volume 1, Number 1 (1985)

Volume 2, Numbers 1-2 (2017): Relaunch Issue

Volume 3, Number 1 (2018)

Volume 3, Number 2 (2018): Healing Issue

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