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Dr. Buker, Associate Dean and Senior Professor of Counseling, opens the presentation on the topic of self-care – managing stress and anxiety. He discusses common stress-related symptoms, levels of stress, common causes of stress, variables for managing stress, and self-care principles. Dr. Buker encourages listeners to shoot “PAR”, by managing one’s Perspective, Attitude and Response. Dr. Buker then reviews several practical self-care ideas in the following areas: the physical body, thoughts and perspective, emotions, social relationships, and spiritual resources. He then discusses the role cultures play in determining success and significance, encouraging a grace-based relationship orientation over an image-based performance orientation. Dr. Buker finishes by reminding us to learn of Jesus, whose yoke is easy and His burden is light. Dr. Kim Boyd continues the presentation with an outline of the faculty promotion process.

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self-care, stress management, faculty promotion


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Self-Care, Managing Stress and Faculty Promotion



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