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Without doubt, we live in a time of acute political polarization. These divisions are inevitably exacerbated during campaign season with the barrage of candidate advertisements, Robo-calls, 24-hour cable TV coverage, and campaign literature. Moreover, the toxic tone and extreme partisanship in politics can be discouraging. Thus, it is no surprise that withdrawing from the political process has become a temptation for many Christians. After all, if God is sovereign and controls the heart of the king (Prov. 21:1), do we really need to get involved in the messy world of politics? Because political engagement can be divisive, shouldn’t Christians abandon politics and direct their energies toward more spiritual pursuits?

As those called to honor God in every area of their life, Christians are called to submit everything to the Lord, including their political engagement. We must engage, but we must engage biblically. As Christians, this requires—no more, but no less—that we are prepared to grapple with the reality of our two-party system and be willing to follow our political theology to its logical end by voting for candidates and parties that support the clear biblical values outlined in this publication.

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