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Solomon Hailu, "The Indivisibility of Peace and the Role of South Africa as a Regional Power," International Journal on World Peace, 37, no. 2 (June 2020), pp. 1-23.

Collective security can work only if all members are dedicated to the national interest within the context of maintaining international peace and the indivisibility of peace. The UN needs to leverage the resources that express the member’s international dimension of security interests that contributing to the idea of the indivisibility of peace. Necessary requirements include states having to develop common values around common security issues irrespective of their vital interests at stake. However, the universal acceptance of the indivisibility of peace has not always been matched by the commitment of states necessary to make the indivisibility of peace work— particularly in ongoing conflicts in Africa and the Middle east. With Western countries withdrawal from peacekeeping in Africa, South Africa assumes a rising leadership role in coordinating Africa’s own resources on the principle of indivisibility of peace in Africa.



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