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Solomon Hailu, "Modern Peace Keeping in Africa: Lessons from Nigeria," The Journal of African Policy Studies, Volume 26 No. I, 2020, pp. 69-86

Different approaches to conflict resolution and peacekeeping in African failed states have taken the centre stage of this analysis. These approaches are based not merely on theory or doctrine but on the self-perceived interests of the stakeholders in peacekeeping inside Africa. The Western powers have repeatedly expressed the view that they will not commit their armed forces to resolve African conflicts. The West's desire to place responsibility on African states, rather than sharing it, will not bring peace in Africa. The reason is that Africans are not ready to shoulder such heavy responsibility without direct Western military involvement in African conflicts. Building Africa's own capacity will take long time, while Africa is desperate for peacekeepers now. Nigeria tried to fill the gap in need of peacekeepers in its region without doctrinal and practical readiness to conduct modem peacekeeping.



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