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Sheltering Wings Inc. (SW) is a missions management nonprofit based out of Leasburg, Missouri, and registered under NAICS code 813110 – Nonprofit Religious Organization. Four core staff members run daily operations: David Thomas, Philip Matheny, Jade Becker, and John Blackmore. The organization generates revenues by retaining a percentage of the funds raised by missionaries; it provides tax benefits for missionaries' donors and provides missionaries with administrative services. The organization falls into the industries of nonprofits and religious organizations, which will grow 3–4% over the next four years. Missionaries and donors are the primary target markets of SW, though the organization did little more than word-of-mouth marketing to reach these groups. In 2020, SW only spent $9,056 on fundraising but generated support and revenue of $1,326,882 and increased net assets by $115,823. Currently, SW holds no liabilities which gives them complete liquidity, allowing them to cover about 12 months’ worth of expenses with its current assets. A high program service ratio of 82% proves the organization prioritizes its purpose with little taken from donations to cover administration costs. SW will expand its programs to include more short-term mission trips and a transitional apprenticeship program; these programs follow similar models to SW’s model for long-term missionaries. Missionaries for these programs are reached primarily through increased recruitment events and a new recruiter. Including the cost of the new employee, marketing expenses will cost $76,292 in 2022 and will increase each year as recruitment events are continually added. In 2022, support and revenue will increase to $1,577,737, and net assets will increase by $96,577. In 2033, support and revenue will increase to $1,864,646, and net assets will increase by $249,051. These changes allow SW to further its vision and truly to be “Wings for the Kingdom.”

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