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Christian students on college campuses form a large proportion of the student body on many campuses, and consequently, they are an important influence, collectively, on the existential dialogue occurring on university campuses. However it is understood, regeneration is a fundamental and central element of the life and belief system of Christian students. Some college students who identify as Christian also define themselves as born again, yet a multiplicity of understandings of this concept appears to exist. The present study sought to investigate how self-identified, born again Christian students define the term born again, how they come to know that they are born again, and how they experience the presence of the Holy Spirit in their personal lives. Due to the exploratory, phenomenological nature of the research questions, we chose a qualitative, interview-based method. Specifically, 18 self-identified born again Christians were interviewed. Five types of responses regarding how they defined what it meant to be born again were uncovered and discussed.



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