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This thesis is designed to outline the systematic-theological and theological-historical basis for the Eschatological Gospel of Both Comings of Jesus Christ (Yeshua Ha Mashiach). This cohesively combines Jesus’ First Coming (for redemption, reconciliation and restoration) with His Second Coming (for the Rapture/Resurrection of the Church/Body of Christ and judgment at the Day of the Lord/Yahweh) into the complete salvation of the Church. The historical writings of the Patristic, Ante- and Post-Nicene Fathers are examined to ensure the continuity of this Eschatological Gospel message being communicated through their writings to the Early Church. The remainder of Church history is examined to ensure the Eschatological Gospel continued to be communicated by the Church as a part of the Great Commission in Matthew 28:18-20. Then, in keeping with the eschatological prophetic intent of the Parable of the Wheat and Tares (Weeds) in Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43, of both the kingdom of God and the kingdom of Satan coexisting and growing until ― “the end of the age,” the antithesis of the Eschatological Gospel is examined—Satan’s plan of lies, deception and heresy throughout history, culminating with the explosion of activity since 1948. This satanic plan is described as being not only insidiously deceptive by recruiting converts to the kingdom of darkness in rebellion and opposition to the kingdom of God, but also as preparing the way for the End-time/Last Days’ ten-nation confederacy to be led by the antichrist. Biblical chronology is used to trace the history of both the kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness to the present day. Finally, the ― “Signs of the Times” in modern history are examined, thereby showing the need for the Eschatological Gospel to be taught in the twenty-first century, especially as the day of the Lord Jesus Christ‘s Parousia rapidly approaches.


Thesis presented for degree of Doctor of Theology in the subject of Systematic Theology at the University of South Africa; Promoter: Prof Rth Dolamo

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