Midway Tabernacle and the Apostolic Bible Church


Midway Tabernacle and the Apostolic Bible Church


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Beverly Hicks has written a "love letter" to her childhood heritage and lifelong affection for the Midway Tabernacle/Apostolic Bible Church community.

Her story focuses on the arrival of Pentecostalism in St. Paul and Minneapolis, the early years of struggle and internal strife that plagued the fledgling community, the "long parade" of ministers occupying the congregation's pulpit, and the final triumph of stability, growth, and expansion of the congregation under the leadership of S. G. and Jessie Norris.

Midway Tabernacle/Apostolic Bible Church – beyond its enduring ministry in St. Paul and Minneapolis – has always been a ʺhaven of orthodoxyʺ for the Oneness Pentecostal movement and one of the greatest proponents of the ʺG. T. Haywood‐W.T. Witherspoon‐S. G. Norrisʺ school of Oneness doctrine. Through its associated Bible college, the Apostolic Bible Institute, this congregation led the way for ministerial training in Oneness organizations. ABI students have literally taken the Oneness Pentecostal message around the world and many of its graduates have served as high‐ranking officials in various Oneness organizations.

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Beverly Newstrand Hicks




Pentecostalism, Oneness history, Andrew Urshan, William Booth-Clibborn, Minnesota, Minneapolic


Christian Denominations and Sects | History of Christianity | Missions and World Christianity | Other American Studies

Midway Tabernacle and the Apostolic Bible Church