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A thesis written in Korean for PhD in Intercultural Studies at Juan International University in South Korea.

English Abstract:

The thesis proposes Whole-Person healing mission as an effective for pastoral ministry and mission to respond to the challenge of the ineffective evangelistic mission as the critical hindrance to Christian ministry and mission. The study argues that the whole-person healing mission and evangelization of Granville Oral Roberts(1918-2009) through revival meetings, broadcasting, education, and medical service in the twentieth century would serve as a new theological breakthrough. His whole-person healing mission became a significant ideological foundation of holistic mission, faith mission, mission corporation through racial harmony for pastoral ministry and mission. In the twenty-first century, the church, called to gain society's confidence and respond to human needs, has suffered a low approval rate from society. Consequently, most local congregations have experienced a decline in membership. In the face of the close correlation between the church's crisis and the challenges in the ministry frontline, the researcher draws her attention to the early church's foundational message, particularly the power of healing and restoration. For this reason, the historical study of the whole-person healing mission of Granville Oral Roberts, as the recognized revivalist and authoritative healing minister in the twentieth century, would serve as a critical model for contemporary and future ministry and mission. The history reveals that God's whole-person healing has continued. Based on this assumption, the researcher undertakes a historical investigation of the various approaches of Oral Roberts' whole-person healing mission. Within the broader context of God's history of salvation of humanity and society, the study focuses on the whole-person healing of Oral Roberts' vast ministries.


Korean Abstract
I. Introduction
II. Understanding GOR's All-In-One Mission
1. GOR's Life and Healing Experiences
2. All-In-One Mission through Medical Ministry
3. All-In-One Mission through Broadcasting/Evangelism Ministry
4. All-In-One Mission through Literature/Educational Ministry
III. Theological Characteristics and Meanings of GOR All-in-One Missionary Mission
1. Holistic Missionary
Concept 2. Fiath Mission Idea
3. Cooperative Missionary Idea through Ethnic Harmony
IV. Outgoing Remarks

Publication Date



Juan International University


Incheon, S. Korea


education mission, tent cathedral, multimedia, faith mission, broadcasting mission, evangelistic mission, Granville Oral Roberts, Oral Roberts university, Pentecostal/Charismatic, medical mission, Whole-Person


Christian Denominations and Sects | History of Christianity | Missions and World Christianity | Other American Studies

Hee Won Choi,



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