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This revised and greatly expanded “Response to NAR Critics” provides answers and insight regarding the confusion related to my first submission on this subject to Academia. This confusion arose in large part because my response, which was 303 pages, was not posted in full. Only 80 pages were posted. The complete document that should have been posted contained responses from seven students and one professor from Global Awakening Theological Seminary (GATS). This first truncated submission was met with several critical comments, some of which stemmed from the fact that my full response was not made available, such as the comments that I did not deal fully with the charges made by the critics. To mitigate further confusion as to the full content of this second response, I have now included a table of contents to go with the critical responses from each of the students so one can see which issues raised by Geivett and Pivec are addressed.

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Randy Clark, Global Awakening Theological Seminary


New Apostolic Reformation, Douglas Geivett and Holly Pivec, NAR, Kingdom of God, Third Wave, Critics, charismatic theology

A Response to New Apostolic Reformation Critics Revised and Expanded



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