Esseck W. Kenyon (1867-1948) was a  Baptist pastor, author, publisher and founder of Bethel Bible Institute in Spencer, MA. Kenyon  is best known for his "finished work" theology of salvation exemplified in his famous book Two Kinds of Righteousness (1942). Kenyon was not a Pentecostal, but his writings were very influential upon the Pentecostal movement, particularly those in the Word of Faith movement.  

Kenyon's Herald of Life continued to be published after his death in 1948 by his daughter Ruth A. Kenyon. The content continued to be Kenyon's teaching. This collection contains digitized copies from 1947-1961. These years are important because these are the years where healing evangelists like William Branham and T.L. Osborn as well as Word of Faith teachers such as Kenneth E. Hagin were emerging.

Kenyon's family has continued to promote his legacy through "Kenyon's Gospel Publishing Society", however, no copies of the Herald of Life have been digitized.

More modern versions of his newsletter can be found here. 

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