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This systematic research review (SRR) looked at the epidemic of childhood obesity and subsequent complications. Afterschool programs (ASPs) were targeted as a key area where children spend many hours each day and, therefore, an ideal place for obesity interventions. The purpose of this SRR was to search the current benefits ASPs can have on decreasing the risk and prevalence of childhood obesity and to answer the research question, "What are nursing interventions within ASPs that decrease the risk of obesity in children in the United States of America?" Childhood obesity influences nurses in many areas, including inpatient hospitals, schools, and community settings. Obesity strains the healthcare system by increasing the number of acute and chronic children requiring care which increases the demand for nurses. This SRR was conducted from January 2017 to August 2017, using a total of eight databases. The time frame and incorporated databases offered the widest range of available literature on the topic. Inclusion criteria included a date range of 2012-2017, a population of children ages 2-19, English, full text available or able to borrow from another library, peer reviewed, and evidence-based reports. ASPs are effective means to reduce childhood obesity through the implementation of healthy interventions such as nutritional interventions, physical activity (PA), and staff education. The results of this study indicate that a combination of PA and nutritional education show the most significant results in decreasing the risk and prevalence of childhood obesity. Nurses actively involved in ASPs positively impact the development of the nutrition, PA, and staff training, resulting in improved outcomes for the participants.



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