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Female Genital Mutilation is a genital alteration that affects women for the rest of their lives. With limited research regarding the long-term effects and treatments for the survivors of FGM, this literature review seeks to find the most effective nursing interventions to promote quality of care for these women. Sample: 24 articles were identified in the literature on the toping of FGM resulting in a purposive sample of 13 studies. Methodology: The databases utilized were “EBSCOhost MEDLINE with Full Text.” Keywords included “Female Genital Mutilation," "Female Circumcision," "nursing," and "nursing interventions." Articles were critiqued, and the inclusion criteria were that articles had to be published within the last five years, available with full text, in English, and from a peer-reviewed journal. Results: Interventions commonly found to be effective were the education of the nurses, nursing management of both short and long-term complications, and advocacy. In addition, coordinating care for the women, surgical interventions and education for the women themselves were also effective. Nursing education will be benefited by increasing nurses’ knowledge about FGM. This is then useful for practice because implementing evidence-based-research interventions into patient care could increase nurse’s confidence in delivering care and positively affect patient outcomes. Future research is needed to get a better understanding of long-term effects and the efficacy of different interventions as there is very little research on this currently.

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