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Maternal and infant morbidity and mortality rates are high within developing nations. The World Health Organization reports 800 women die daily due to pregnancy and labor complications (Maternal mortality, 2016). These complications are related to a wide variety of perinatal problems including preeclampsia and prolonged labor. Infant morbidity and mortality is related to infections, asphyxia, and low birthweight (Newborns: reducing mortality, 2016). The purpose of this systematic review was to research current literature to answer the question: “What are the nursing interventions to decrease maternal and infant morbidity and mortality in developing countries?”. This systematic research review included a sample size of 31 articles, 15 of which reflected maternal morbidity and mortality, and 16 of which reflected infant morbidity and mortality. The analytical method utilized in this study was data extraction. The results of this study include a variety of interventions that focus primarily on preeclampsia, prolonged labor, low-birth weight, and natal infection. The interventions that target these issues include pharmacological treatments, implementation of education programs, administration of supplements, and the utilization of monitoring devices. The implications of these findings conclude that there is still a need for further interventional research to decrease maternal and infant morbidity and mortality in developing countries. These results reflect an imperative demand for further research and healthcare personnel willing to implement necessary interventions.



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