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Because disasters are sometimes unpredictable and difficult to measure, it is exceedingly important to have properly trained healthcare professionals that are prepared for a variety of natural and manmade crises. Victims affected by disasters may be numerous and have severe injuries, but nurses, as first-responders, with proper education and experience can drastically reduce the amount of casualties in a particular disaster. However, it is clear that nurses currently feel unprepared in the event of a natural or manmade disaster, and therefore need more training and preparation for such occurrences. This systematic research review set out to find the most effective interventions for educating and training nurses in disaster relief preparedness. Articles were collected from the literature on the topic in order to review what research exists relating to disaster training and education for nurses, both pre- and post-licensure. These articles were screened based on relevance of title, abstract, and content, and must have been written within the last 10 years. With a final sample size of 15 articles, it was found that the most effective interventions for the education of nurses in the field of disaster relief preparedness were blended-learning techniques including lecture content, web-based learning, and both computer and real-life scenario drills. These educational exercises should be incorporated into nursing schools and healthcare facilities in order to thoroughly train all current and future nurses. As for research, this study has identified a need to conduct further research to test and implement a standardized curriculum in hospitals and nursing schools across the nation to better prepare nurses for an active role in disaster relief.



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