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The lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community comprises a significant, growing patient population in the United States and faces a unique set of healthcare challenges which must be addressed by the healthcare system and those employed by it. The LGBT community, having experienced historic oppression and discrimination, has reflexively withdrawn from healthcare workers, refrained from disclosing its LGBT identity and become reluctant to seek healthcare, resulting in delayed treatments and poor patient outcomes. While recent years have brought improved provisions, social acknowledgment, and public acceptance to the LGBT population, health risks still prevail due to patients concealing their LGBT affiliation and identities. One of the contributing factors toward improved LGBT patient disclosure is the utilization of cultural competence by care providers in the delivery of healthcare. This systematic review of the literature was conducted to explore the cultural competency of healthcare workers and its influence on the disclosure of LGBT patients. The interventions outlined in this literature review show practices which demonstrate cultural competency or a lack thereof in an effort towards improved patient outcomes for the LGBT demographic.

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