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The obesity epidemic in America costs the healthcare system hundreds of billions of dollars every year and takes a toll on the physical and mental health of the patient. Analyzation of different weight loss methods allows healthcare providers to provide accurate and relevant education to patients who are suffering from obesity. A search for the paleolithic, ketogenic, and vegan diets, resulted in fifty-four scholarly studies via purposive sampling. Data was collected on the paleolithic, ketogenic, and vegan diets and all had conclusive positive effects on weight loss. Individuals studied on the paleolithic diet lost up to 2.3 kg in three weeks, those on the vegan diet lost up to 1.2 kg in seven days, and those on the ketogenic diet had an average weight loss 13.7 kg in one year. The paleolithic, ketogenic, and vegan diets all have been evidenced to aid in weight loss, but they differ in specific health benefits and limitations. The paleolithic diet was found to have ten advantages and eleven disadvantages, the vegan diet showed fourteen advantages and five disadvantages, while the ketogenic diet showed fourteen advantages and six limitations. Ultimately, dietary recommendations should depend on the patient and their specific health requirements. Limited data on long-term effects should caution health care providers as to recommending these diets for extended periods. Nurses should advocate for patient care by promoting nutritional changes in collaboration with dieticians and health care providers in developing dietary interventions for effective management of obesity and its associated complications. In doing, nurses will promote a longer and healthier life for individuals, and as a result a healthier America.

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