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This is an unpublished report distributed to the Oral Roberts Evangelistic Association partners about Oral Roberts' special evangelistic trip to Vietnam to visit United States troops. This twenty page report goes into great detail about his visits to various locations in Vietnam, his interactions with US Military personnel, and visits to military hospitals to visit wounded soldiers.

Roberts shares not only intimate details about his trip and his experience sharing with soldiers at various events, but also with several meetings with Vietnamese people including a camp of Viet Cong. During his message to these who had surrendered to the US officials, Roberts declared,

"We are not political men. Our Government did not send us to you. Neither has the Vietnamese government sent us. We have come many thousands of miles because of Christ's love in our hearts and the mission He has given us in your behalf. We love you; we pray for you; and we are believing many of you will come to know Jesus as the only truly revolutionary power." (p. 19)

Roberts also shares personal reflections on war, soldiers and the Vietnam conflict. Roberts declares,

"Vietnam ... the troubled little nation that is now the center of world tension, the battleground of a half million U. S. forces against hundreds of thousands of Viet Cong and North Vietnam regulars, the prize of the Far East that may determine if all Asia goes Communist or free. Vietnam ... with its lost souls, its suffering people, where God Is light is dim, His voice is heard small, His healing power is hardly known."



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