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An Oral Roberts Crusade brochure from a Healing Campaign held May 30-June 4th, 1953 in Washington D.C. The campaign was sponsored by the Greater Washington Pentecostal Ministerial Fellowship and held on the Circus Grounds.

The sponsoring pastors were the following:

O.L. Harrup, Full Gospel Tabernacle, Alexandria Virginia

L. Christiansen, Full Gospel Tabernacle

H. Ray. Stewart, National Pentecostal Holiness Church

J.C. Alrdrich, Merrifield Church of God

Earl L. Cox, Lincolnia Pentecostal Holiness Church

R.D. Balderson, Full Gospel Church

D.G. Scott, Calvary Gospel Church

G.M. Litsinger, Assembly of God, Mt. Carmel Road, Hereford, MD

R.J. Hancock, Manassas Full Gospel Church

L.M. Campbell, Grace Church, Arlington, VA

H.A. Nunley, Trinity Church Assembly of God

H.H. Valentine, Baltimore Pentecostal Holiness Church

G.L. Dean, Glad Tidings Pentecostal Holiness Church

H.V. Schaeffer, Bethel Tabernacle

K.E. Leonard, Full Gospel Assembly of God

A. Sengstack, Bethel Tabernacle, Frederick MD

William Helms, Full Gospel Tabernacle, Frederick MD

J.T. Wilson, First Assembly of God, Ridgeville, MD

T.J. Kerfoot, First Assembly of God, Winchester, VA

A.B. Marks, Riverside Assembly of God, Cabin John, MD

Albert R. Ark, Assembly of God, Cederville, MD

M.W. Secord, Purcellville Pentecostal Church

Clyde N. Lee, Vienna Assembly of God

I.R. Johnson, Calvary Assembly of God, Baltimore

V.L. Thompson, Foursquare Church, Brentwood, MD

V. Stinchcomb, Glad Tidings Tabernacle

W.C. Jones, Gladtinging Tabernacle

George S. Ross, Gospel Tabernacle Assemblies of God

A. Clattenburg, Trinity Assembly of God

H. Ray Sterwart, Pentecostal Holiness Church

Howard N Dickey, Grace Dickey, Foursquare Gospel Church

Mary E. Kibbe, Phyllis Angus, Assembly of God Church, Point of Rocks, MD