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The Day That Something Bad Happened To Me and the Miracle That Brought Me Out of It: A personal account of a recent "accident" when the devil tried to kill me.

This is an account by Oral Roberts of an accident he had on a bicycle in 1968 sent out to OREA partners in 1978. He tells the story of how he lost control of the bicycle and ended up in the hospital. He felt that the Devil intended the accident as an opportunity to derail his ministry. Because he was in the hospital, Oral was not able to make his regular prayer time in the Prayer Tower, so Evelyn, Patti and Richard went for him.

While in prayer, Richard received a special anointing from God for his future ministry. He also believes that this moment healed the rift between he and his dad and signaled the beginning of Richard's mantle for ministry. Included is Richard's written account of what God showed him during that prayer time.

Oral believed that this incident was sent by the Devil to harm Oral, but God turned it into a miracle for uniting his family.