1964 Talk on Healing and Medicine at ORU


Oral Roberts

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In this 1964 meeting of what appears to be a group of Christian Medical professionals. Roberts talks about the power that comes through the baptism in the Holy Spirit to witness to this generation. Roberts also discusses the nature of medical ministry as a way of complementing the healing ministry of Jesus. Jesus didn't just stamp out a disease, as is the case with the medical profession, he heals the whole person. Oral shared how he believe that healing and medical science should work together.

Taking place prior to opening the university, Roberts shares some of his early thoughts on creating a medical ministry at the University he was building. Many of these thoughts were the seeds of what would become the City of Faith and School of Medicine two decades later.

Oral also discusses why he named the university after himself. He said the Holy Spirit told him to name it after himself because his name is associated with healing all over the world.

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