The Pauline Parham Papers Archive on the Digital Showcase is a special collection of materials from the personal archive of Pauline Parham, daughter-in-law of Charles Parham.  Pauline Parham was very active in the Pentecostal Movement and even worked at Oral Roberts University in 1966 as an assistant dean of students. In 1996, Dr. Vinson Synan arranged for Pauline Parham's personal collection of materials about her father in law, Charles Parham, to be placed on microfilm and shared with various Pentecostal archives. For several decades, this collection has been largely invisible to researchers of Pentecostalism.  Through a special university grant, this collection has been digitized and made available to the public.

Materials in the collection include the following:

  • Personal correspondence from Charles Parham to various individuals.
  • Apostolic Faith fliers and publications
  • Historical documents
  • Various biographies and artifacts
  • Newspaper clippings about Charles Parham, Bethel Bible School in Topeka, and early Pentecostalism. 
  • Various photos. 
Although the materials in this collection are public domain, the scans of these items are copywrited to ORU. The materials in the collection are used by permission and are being shared for personal research only. Reproductions of materials is prohibited.

** Disclaimer: Some of the views of Charles Parham are controversial, particularly his view of race. This information is being made public for its historic value to researchers. Views expressed in the items posted on the Digital Showcase are those of the contributors only. Their publication on the Digital Showcase does not express or imply endorsement by the Digital Showcase or Oral Roberts University.**


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Historical Documents

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Parham Correspondence

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