The mission of Salubritas: International Journal of Spirit-Empowered Counseling is to create and share unique knowledge to promote the wellness and wholeness (salubritas) of individuals and communities through counseling that occurs within the dynamic work of the life-giving Spirit to empower both counselors and counselees to live the fullness of life.

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Current Volume: Volume 2 (2022)

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Front Matter



Expanding Our Horizons
Haley R. French



Pentecostal Spirituality and Counseling
Edward E. Decker Jr., Haley R. French, and Stephen Parker


Spiritual Intelligence and Personality
Jayne Ann Harder, Andrew S. I. D. Lang, LeighAnne Locke, J. Bryan Osborne, Aleksandra Turtova, Enrique F. Valderrama-Araya, Stephen R. Wheat, and Jan H. R. Wörner

Book Reviews