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This article examines the unique position in which emerging counselors find themselves, as they seek to enter the professional field amidst a worldwide pandemic and numerous other national and global hardships. From a student perspective, the authors survey the distinctive traits of Christian counseling education, Christian counseling, generally speaking, and the importance of theological and spiritual formation for the emerging counselor. More specifically, the authors discuss three theological concepts that have been identified as critical in the development of their Christian counselor identity, foundation, and future practice. The first theological consideration is the essential role and ministry of the Holy Spirit who provides supernatural peace, joy, and comfort, aiding emerging counselors in their ability to be competent therapists in tenuous times; bridging the gap from education to practical application. The second concept considered is the imago Dei, as the hermeneutical lens by which the Christian counselor affirms the worth of all human beings created in the image of God, enabling the counselor to provide empathy and unconditional positive regard for all clients. The third consideration is the missio Dei, or mission of God, as a core conceptual belief by which to understand the role of the Christian counselor, and counseling profession, as a redemptive participation in and with the Spirit of God.



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