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Recent dramatic events, coupled with increased connectivity via technology, have led to many shifts in global culture. These shifts have been accompanied by an increased awareness of mental health needs, including those of Christians. Although people may realize they need to make important life changes for their mental and behavioral health, it is not always clear where they should begin. Moreover, when they recognize a need for change, this experience is often perceived as threatening. People’s innate discomfort with uncertainty then requires that they fight both the temptation to avoid the truth about themselves and the practical obstacles that naturally make growth difficult. Many Christian counselors and clients acknowledge their need for help from the Holy Spirit to discern what changes need to be made and also how to implement these changes for their health and well-being. This process often requires transforming schemas to accommodate clients’ new insights into the self and interactions with the environment. Self-affirmation consistent with an applied biblical hermeneutic can help focus these clients on Christ-like values and steady them in the face of ambiguity and change. Grounding themselves in God’s truth can thus be instrumental for clients actively seeking to renew their minds and motivate themselves to pursue necessary change as they seek God’s best for their lives.



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