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Significant change in the counseling field begins in counselor education programs. Concerns of biased, incompetent, and ineffective counseling services for culturally diverse clients plague the mental health profession (ACA, 2021; Sue & Sue, 2016). Rapid shifts in the racial and ethnic demographic composition of American society and the overt expression of hate and violence on the lives of People of Color place a greater demand on mental health professionals to pursue and acquire multicultural competencies (Brown, 2020; Embrick, 2015). Cultural awareness, knowledge, and skills are needed to establish meaningful therapeutic relationships, to provide effective treatment, and to effectively advocate for culturally diverse clients (CACREP, 2016; Sue & Sue, 2016). These competencies assist counselors in positively impacting client relationships, therapeutic progress, and overall well-being. Counselor education programs should be taking the lead in preparing students to effectively serve these increasingly diverse populations. Christian counselors and Christian counselor educators have an even greater responsibility in this endeavor which is fundamentally rooted and anchored in the commandments and principles of love (AACC, 2014).



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