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Dedicating The Spirit & Church for the Kingdom of God.....Yeol Soo Eim


Pentecostalism and Public School: A Case Study of Rev. Dr. Seen-Ok Ahn.....Yeol Soo Eim

A Look at Modern Pneumatology in the Old Testament Perspective.....Wonsuk Ma

Pentecostal Theological Education in Europe: Past Programs, Present Perplexities, and Possible Projections.....Jean-Daniel Plüss

The Relevance of St. Basil’s Pneumatology to Modern Pentecostalism.....Sang-Whan Lee

Distinctives of Pentecostal Education.....Miguel Alvarez

“Live So Can Use Me Anytime, Lord, Anywhere”: Theological Education in the Church of God in Christ, 1970 to 1997.....David Daniels

God the Trinity and the Holy Spirit Movement in Pentecostalism.....Sam-Whan Kim



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