A major issue over which many Evangelicals and Pentecostals differ from Roman Catholics is the status of Mary, Jesus’ mother. Evangelicals critique some of the Marian dogmas and practices as excesses that challenge Christ’s sole mediation and eclipse the Spirit, while Catholics warn that neglect of Mary potentially leads to failure to acknowledge Christ’s full humanity and divinity. This is a proposal to place Spirit hermeneutics into ecumenical service to bridge the gap between the Catholic and Evangelical Marys. The Spirit hermeneutics proposed here is built on Amos Yong’s (and other Pentecostal scholars’) Word-Spirit-Community epistemology, Catholic philosopher Bernard Lonergan’s call to broadened horizons and openness to radical conversion, and Mary’s own pneumatic hermeneutic by which she prioritizes listening to the Spirit-inspired words spoken into her life, treasuring those words in her heart, and pondering them and the often bewildering events of her life and that of her Son.

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