Nepal is a country with cultural and religious diversity. This country has gone through much turmoil and many crises. Since the time of the Maoist insurgency up to the recent pandemic situation, people have faced various emotions, feelings, and thoughts. These sudden devastating moments have not only affected their physical wellbeing, but has in turn affected the whole being of a person. These experiences of accusation, suffering, violence, and pain have led many to sadness, worry, anger, and fear resulting in various mental disorders. Therefore, the ministry of counseling is very important in order to help people get connected to their feelings and to understand their problems. It enables people to express their emotions freely and bring a sense of positivity to their lives. For effective counseling, there is always a need for the guidance and support of the Holy Spirit. Human beings are very limited in their own ways, and it is only through the presence of the Holy Spirit that a person can be transformed and changed. Therefore, it is important for the churches in Nepal to preach and teach about the Spirit who is a helper and brings healing and wholeness through comfort and counsel. It is the Holy Spirit who is the ultimate agent of transformation to lead people into all truth.



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