Spirit-empowered leadership takes its shape from both the Old and New Testament Scriptures. God raised up, transformed with the Holy Spirit, and set aside some men and women to impact their generations and influence the trajectory of the church. Most operated within the apostolic, prophetic, evangelistic, pastoral, and teacher/scholar paradigms to execute God’s plan for their lives. In contemporary times, however, questions arise as to whether other individuals qualify as effective modern-day Spirit-empowered leaders who operate within the boundaries of these paradigms through the Holy Spirit’s enablement. Consequently, this research sought to examine the spiritual and theological infrastructure behind the life and ministry of Ghanaian and African Pentecostal theologian and Christian leader Opoku Onyinah and ascertain what defines and qualifies him as an effective Spirit-empowered leader. The study concludes that Onyinah’s mentoring style of leadership, apostolic and teacher/scholar paradigms, socialized charismatic orientation, and tremendous influence at national, continental, and global levels position him as an effective modern-day Spirit-empowered leader.



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