Oral Roberts University’s (ORU) Graduate School of Theology and Missions offered the Judaic-Christian Studies Concentration (JCSC) of Master of Theology in Biblical Literature between the fall of 2007 and the spring of 2020. Under the supervision of Brad H. Young, the program flourished with academic excellence and distinct practical applications. Students learned to comprehend the teachings of Jesus in their Second-Temple Jewish context and to recognize the Jewish roots of Christianity. The program employed the comparative/associative methodology for exegetical work and utilized the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament, and primary Jewish sources, such as the Rabbinic literature and the Dead Sea Scrolls. Practical applications were implemented through personal encounters with Jewish rabbis, scholars, and those involved in Jewish-Christian relations who visited ORU to speak to the JCSC students, guests, and larger audiences. Attending special lectures by national Jewish speakers delivered in two local houses of worship offered additional practical benefits. Students also participated in field trips to the noted Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art. The Judaic-Christian Studies Concentration program reflected Oral Roberts’ love for Israel, the Jewish people, the Hebrew Bible, and the Hebrew language.



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