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Monday, January 1st

“A Metaphysical Construct of Experience: Concerning the Problematic Usage of ‘Experience’ within the Pentecostal Horizons”

Koo Dong Yun

“An Historical Perspective on Faith Healing Evangelism and the Establishment of Zionism and Aladura in Africa”

Adam Mohr

"Anabaptism-Pietism and Pentecostalism: Scandalous Partners in Protest"

Kenneth Archer
Andrew Hamilton

“Apostolic Function and Mission”

Alan Johnson

"Attending to Experience in Pentecostal-Charismatic Theology: Disciplined Attentiveness, Evaluation and Practical-Theological Construction"

Mark Cartledge

"Baptism and the Canon: Can/Should We Still Harmonize the Baptismal Formulae in Matthew and Acts?"

Kenneth Bass

"Bulgarian American Congregations: Cultural, Economic and Leadership Dimensions"

Dony Donev

“Burning its Way into Every Nation: The Experience of the Spirit in Early Pentecostal Missions”

Allan Anderson

"Can we Believe the Miracles? Charles Taylor as a Resource for Understanding Pentecostal Experience"

Douglas Erickson

“Can “Holy War” be Holy? Gerhard Von Rad Revisited”

William Lyons

“Communicating the Pentecostal Message in African Context: Conflicting Experience of Black African Christians”

Victor Molobi

"Community Development: Is there a Pentecostal Approach?"

Murl Dirksen

“Contemporary Australian Pentecostal Worship In Trouble: An Analysis of Hillsong Worship”

David Morgan

“Culture Context, Pentecostal Experience, and Knowing God”

Richard Jones
Emily Andersen
Randi Cline
Jodie Davis
Blake Head
Maranda Melton
Sarah Norton
Jacki Shamis
Casandra Sizemore

“Dabar Yhwh—Gospel —Musterion a Narrative Historical Theology of the Reign of God”

Steven Service

“Epistemology in Pentecostal Systematic Theology: Myer Pearlman, E. S. Williams, and French L. Arrington”

Christopher Stephenson

“Experience as a Catalyst for Healing Ministry: Historical Evidence and Implications from the Life of F.F. Bosworth”

Roscoe Barnes III

"Experience or Suffer? Galatians 3:4 in Paul’s Argument"

Kari Brodin

“Experience: The sina qua non of Pentecostalism”

Keith Warrington

“Experiencing God’s Word a Prophetic Word to a Prophet: Jonah 4:10-11”

Wilhelm Wessels

"Exploration of the Pentecostal Experience within the Context of Postcommunist Bulgaria"

Kathryn Donev

“Exploring Organizational Performance: A Case Study on Four Church and Mission Agencies in Africa”

Remi Lawanson

“From Paralysis to Action: Robert Harrison and the Assemblies of God— Experiencing Racism in the Pentecostal Fold”

Lois Olena

“’Full Communion’: A Pentecostal Model”

Harold Hunter

"Global Conquest-The Mission of the Assemblies of God in Korea"

Sin Ho Kim

"Let’s Get it On! Performance Theory and Black Pentecostalism Religion and Culture"

Ashon Crawley

“Luke-Acts as a Mediating Document to Promote Greater Unity between Romans, Jews and Gentiles in the Mid-to Late First-Century Roman Church”

D. Michael Postlethwait, Oral Roberts University

"Luke’s Possible Progymnasmatic Improvements on and Employment of Paul’s Letter to the Romans"

Paul Elbert

“No More Youth Groups! : A Polemic for Richard R. Dunn’s Pacing-Then-Leading Model of Relational Youth Ministry.”

Richard Castleberry

"Pentecostal Experience: Object Relations and the Work of the Holy Spirit"

Stephen Parker

"Pentecostal experiences: type, prevalence and meaning"

William Kay

“Pentecostal Perspectives on Eucharistic Hospitality: The Experience of the Lord's Supper and the Unity of the Churches”

Wolfgang Vondey

“Pentecostal Prayer as a Complementary Healing Practice Within the Assemblies of God”

Margaret Poloma

“Pentecostal Preaching”

Aldwin Ragoonath

"Practical Theology: Charismatic and Empirical Perspectives – A Reflection on the Book and My Work in the Discipline"

Mark Cartledge

“’Property and Power:’ Bishop C.H. Mason and the Saints Home Church of God in Christ in Shelby County Chancery Court, Memphis, Tennessee 1908-1911”

Elton Weaver III

"Prophetic Confrontation: Haggai and the Second Temple"

Jerome Boone

“Reading Luke-Acts in the Pentecostal Tradition: The History and Status of Luke-Acts Research”

Martin Mittelstadt

“Religious Experience, Cognitive Science, and the Future of Religion”

Phillip Wiebe

"Restoring the Kingdom to Israel: Kingdom and Spirit in Luke’s Thought"

Blaine Charette

“Searching for Genuine Gold: Discerning Spirit, Flesh, and Demonic in Pentecostal Experiences”

Paul L. King, Oral Roberts University

“Spirit and Mystery: An Examination of Corinthian Ecstatic Worship In Light of the Cult of Dionysus”

Jason Merritt

"The Classical Pentecostal Hermeneutic and Its Successors"

William Oliverio

“The Day of Pentecost as the Birthday of the Church”

John Poirier

"The Discernment of Spirits"

Robert Faricy

“The Experience of Jesus in Baptismal Doctrine: A Third Way in the Trinitarian-Oneness Divide”

Carl Montgomery
David Reed

"The Harsher Side of Jesus: Mark 1.41 and a Narrative-Critical Approach to Investigating Jesus’ Anger"

Richard Hicks

“The Legacy of John Francis Rowlands: Missionary to the Indians of South Africa (1925-1980)”

Edley Moodley

“The Purpose of Romans 8:28”

John Shelton

“The Reciprocal Reshaping of History and Experience in the Psalms”

Scott Ellington

“The Role of Experience in the Interpretation of Miracles Narratives in Lucan Literature”

Robert Wadholm

“The Spoken Word of God: Religious Experience in the Contextualized Pentecostal Theology of David Yonggi Cho”

William Purinton

"Theology and Building Healthy Churches"

Chin Do Kham, Oral Roberts University

“Tongues of Angels, Words of Prophets: Experiencing the Voice of Yahweh in the Book of Judges”

Lee Roy Martin

“Toward a Pentecostal Theology of Prophetic Witness: The Testimony of the Apocalypse (Revelation 11.3-14)”

John Thomas

“Toward a Psychological Understanding of Pentecostal Phenomena”

Robert Moore

“Toward Racial Reconciliation: Collective Memory, Myth and Nostalgia in American Pentecostalism”

Derrick Rosenior

"What Does Gentile Impurity Mean In Ezra-Nehemiah?"

Hannah Harrington