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Tuesday, January 1st

"A Christian Physicist's Perspective on Faith and Science: Some Concerns"

Anders Gårdestig

"A Johannine View of Sanctification: The State of the Issue"

Karen Holley

“A Ladder Leading Toward God: Pneumatology and the Environmental Crisis”

Travis E. Ables

"A New Model for Creation: Why Lucretius Is More Advanced Than Creation Science"

Douglas F. Olena

"A Pentecostal and Wesleyan Approach to Genesis 1 and 2 in Light of Critical Pentateuchal Source Theory"

Timothy Senapatiratne

"A Pentecostal Reading of Karl Rahner’s Soteriology: Implications for the Construction of a Dynamic Soteriology"

David Trementozzi

"A Prophet Among Priests: David Du Plessis, the Assemblies of God and Ecumenism (1962-1980)"

Blaine Hamilton

"A Sociological Perspective on Women, Ordination and Church Polity: Empowerment or Gender Apartheid?"

Abraham Ruelas

"A Unified Theology of Grace and Creation Care"

Steven M. Studebaker

“Alta M. Washburn: An Iconoclastic Pentecostal ‘Trailblazer’ to the Tribes”

Joseph J. Saggio, Ed.D.

"An Emerging Pneumatology: Jürgen Moltmann and the Emerging Church in Conversation"

Patrick Oden

“Are Tongues 'Language'? Exploring a Scientific and Theological Criterion”

Matthew Wolf

“Aural Design in the Prologue of First John”

Jeffrey E. Brickle

"Beating Swords into Plowshares: An Analysis of the Paradigm Shift in Gustavo Gutierrez’s Theology of Liberation from Violence to Pacifism"

Dr. Joseph Davis

"Becoming Pastora: Latina Pentecostal Women's Stories from Newark (NJ)"

Otto Maduro

"Believers Seeking the Presence of God or an Evil and Adulterous Generation? Balancing the Experiential and Eschatological Nature of Pentecostalism with Christ’s Teaching on Signs and Wonders in the Parousia"

Jessica Faye Carter

"Catching a Butterfly – Parameters of Pentecostal Theology"

Paul N. Van Der Laan, PhD

"Cautious Cobelligerence?: The Late Nineteenth-Century American Divine Healing Movement and the Promise of Medical Science"

Rev. Bernie A. Van De Walle, Ph.D.

“Christology and Creation: A Rationale for the Care of the Created Order (Hebrews 1:2-3a)”

Jeffrey S. Lamp, Oral Roberts University

" Constant Conjunction and the Critique of Miracles in Hume: An Exercise in Inconsistency?"

Eric Manchester

"Contours of Philosophically-Informed Contextual-Pentecostal Theological Hermeneutics"

L. William Oliverio Jr.

"Created for Shalom: Human Agency and Responsibility in the World"

R. Jerome Boone

"Darwin and the Interpretation of Natural History"

Jurgen Moltmann

Decay, Vitality, and the Spirit: "A Pneumatological Approach to Entropy and Emergent Systems"

David Bradnick

"Divorce As Christian Practice"

Dallas J. Gingles

"English-Only Pentecostals?: A Response to the Official Language Debate from the American Southwest"

Michael Roe

"Evolving Paradigms: Creationism as Pentecostal Variation on a Fundamentalist Theme"

Gerald W. King

"Fire and/or Philosophy: A Pentecostal Appraisal of Blaise Pascal’s Contribution to Contemporary Theology of Religions in Conversation with His Singular Scientific Status and Insight"

Tony Richie

"From Radical Idealism to Pentecostalism: Three Pioneers: Glenn Clark, Rufus Moseley and Agnes Sanford"

Rev William L. De Arteaga, PhD

"G. T. Haywood and the Antiquity of the Earth: Revisiting “Revelation” as a Source for Theology"

David S. Norris

"Genesis 45:1–15: A Theology of Weeping"

Fitzroy John Willis

"Global Pentecostal Renaissance? Reflections on Pentecostalism, Higher Education, and Culture"

Jeff Hittenberger, Ph.D

"‘God’s Laws of Productivity’: Creation in African Pentecostal Hermeneutics"

J. Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu

" Hume and Miracles: Pneumatology and Divine Action"

Bradford McCall

“Implications of the Kenosis of the Spirit for a Creational Eschatology: A Pentecostal Engagement with Jürgen Moltmann”

Peter Althouse DR.

“Inter-Tribal Pentecost: Praxis Transformation in Native American Worship Introduction”

J. “Corky” L. Alexander Jr.

"Is the Universe Open for Surprise?: Pentecostal Ontology and the Spirit of Naturalism"

James K.A. Smith

“Islam in America: Understanding and Engaging Diaspora Muslims through the Local Church”

Mark Hausfeld

" Judging the Judges: Searching for Value in These Problematic Characters"

Lee Roy Martin

Liberating Hermeneutics: The Intersections of Pentecostal Mission and Latin American Theology in the Margins

Kenneth J. Archer
Richard E. Waldrop

“Life in the Spirit in God’s World: Appropriating Orthodox Spirituality and Moltmannian Pneumatology”

Brock Bingaman

"Missional Lessons from the Other Side: What Pentecostals can Learn from Orthodox Missions"

Robert L. Gallagher

"Non-Conscious and Conscious Decision Making: The Biology of Spirit Baptism"

Edward E. Decker Jr., Oral Roberts University

"Oneness-Trinitarian Pentecostal Final Report, 2002-2007"

Society for Pentecostal Studies

“Pentecostal Ecology: A Theological Paradigm for Pentecostal Environmentalism”

Matthew Tallman

“Pilgrimage Into Pentecost: The Pneumatological Legacy of Howard M. Ervin”

Daniel D. Isgrigg, Oral Roberts University

"Pneumatic Discernment: The Image of the Beast and his Number – Revelation 13.11-18"

John Christopher Thomas

"Polanyi and Anthropology: Personal Knowledge toward a Unifying Epistemology?"

Craig Scandrett-Leatherman

"Preaching the 'Full Gospel' in the Context of Global Environmental Crises"

Shane Clifton

"Prima Facie Biblicists? A Search for a Scriptural Hermeneutic in Early Pentecostal Pacifism"

Bracy V. Hill II

“Reading Multiple Personalities: Paul, Jeremiah, and the 'I' of Romans 7”

Jared S. Runck

"Revelation and the (New) Creation: A Prolegomenon on the Apocalypse, Science, and Creation"

Robby Waddell

“Saved by Works of Faith, Not by Works of Law”

Jason A. Staples

“'Savior' and 'Lord' in the Lukan Birth Narrative: A Challenge to Caesar?"

Robert G. Reid

"Science or the Wonder of Nature as a Possible Catalyst for Faith"

Randy O. Laine

"Scripture and the Disabled: Redeeming Mephibosheth’s Identity"

Christopher Rouse

"Sighs, Signs, and Significance. Natural Science and a Hermeneutics of Nature"

Jurgen Moltmann

"Teaching Origins to Pentecostal College Students and Measuring the Beliefs of Pentecostal Students about Origins"

Steve Badger
Mike Tenneson

"The Changing Perspective of Raymond E. Brown and 'The Jews' in the Gospel of John"

Sonya Cronin

"The Contentious Rise of Wesleyan Methodism, 1738-1741: Gender, Supernaturalism, and 'the truth as it is in Jesus.'”

Brian Curtis Clark

"The Ghost of Gilbert Ryle: Pauline Anthropology as a Shibboleth"

John C. Poirier

"The Holy Spirit and Corderian Ethos"

Kristen D. Welch

" The Holy Spirit and the Eucharist in John’s Gospel"

Jason Merritt

"The Ministry of the Holy Spirit in Times of Tribulation: John Davenport (1597-1670) on Lamentations 3:24-26 and Hebrews 6:18-20 in The Saints Anchor-Hold in all Storms and Tempests (1661)"

John B. Davenport

"The Pneumatology of Hebrews: An Overview of Contemporary Scholarship on the Topic"

Jeffrey C. Holley

"The Possibilities of A Lucan Hermeneutic Some Mennonite Reflections on Amos Yong’s Theology"

Thomas Finger

“The Problem of Suffering: A Response from 1 Peter”

Rebecca Skaggs

"The Role of Experience in the Religion-Science Conversation"

Nathan Crawford

"The Science Division: Implications of Christian Disunity in Theology-Science Dialogue"

Telford Work

"The Science of History and the History of Science: Methodological Issues"

William K. Kay

"The Spirit of God Hovered Over the Waters: Creation, the local Church, and the Mentally and Physically Challenged, A Call to Spirit-led Ministry"

Steven M. Fettke

"The Spirit of God in Genesis 1:2 Is the Angels: Archaeological and Textual Evidences to the Angels as the Wind and the Guardians"

Joonho Yoon

“The Unique Contribution of Salvadoran Missionaries in a Global Context”

DeLonn Rance

"The Work of the Holy Spirit in Light of Whitehead’s Scientific Cosmology"

Sungwon Moses Kim, Ph.D.

“‘Then They Will Know that a Prophet Has Been Among Them’: The Source and End of the Call of Ezekiel”

Rickie D. Moore

"Theological Responses to the Recent Stem Cell Controversy of Woo-Suk Hwang: Is an Embryo a Person?"

Koo Dong Yun

"Tongues as a Blush in the Presence of God"

Randall Holm

"Views of the Other: Pentecostal Missionaries and Muslims in Palestine, 1908-48"

Eric N. Newberg

" Was John The Revelator Pentecostal?"

Robert P. Menzies

"Word vs. Spirit—or—Word is Spirit: Job as a Hebraic Foundation for Biblical Pneumatology"

Steven R. Service