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Thursday, January 1st

“A Pentecostal Healing Narrative: Rescripting Ordinary Theology in the Assemblies of God (UK)”

Mark J. Cartledge

“A Pentecostal Perspective in a Politically Pugnacious Environment”

John C. Johnson

“A Tale of Two Cities: A Holiness Mystic and an Activist Pentecostal Critique of the Academy”

Joel Halldorf

“A.J. Tomlinson’s Emerging Ecclesiology: Theological Influences on the Founders of the Church of God (Cleveland, TN): A Debate”

Harold D. Hunter

“Affirming Our Legacy of Spiritual Formation: A Pentecostal Response to a Postmodern Redefinition of Spirituality within the Academy”

Joseph J. Saggio

“At the Intersection of Commerce and Pneumatology: How Demos Shakarian Changed Global Christianity”

Matthew Tallman

“Azusa Street Redux: Renewal for Twenty-First Century Pentecostal Missiology”

J. Stephen Jester

“Communicative Language Teaching &Biblical Hebrew”

Bob Stallman

“Demonology and Anthropology in Conversation: Applying the Theological Method of Amos Yong towards a Demonology for the Twenty-First Century”

David Bradnick

“Dignitas Terrae: A Pentecostal Engagement of Recent Roman-Catholic Eco-Theology”

A. J. Swoboda

“Discernment and the Search for Beauty in the Cinema”

Shane Clifton

“Does God Engage in Rape? Rape as a Military Motif in the Prophets”

Rebecca Simmons

“Drunk No More: The Biblical Case for Sobriety and Intellectual Awareness in Acts 2”

D. Michael Postlethwait, Oral Roberts University

“Early Pentecostal Eschatology in the Light of the Apostolic Faith, 1906-1908”

Larry McQueen

“Embracing the Practice: Expanding the Meaning”

J. “Corky” L. Alexander Jr.

“Emergentist Panentheism as a Metaphysical Framework for Pneumatological Theism”

Frederick L. Ware

“Ethical Imperatives and the Holy Spirit in Codex Bezae1 – Luke-Acts”

Bob Welch

“Expressionism: Ametaphor for Painting a Picture of Early American Pentecostalism”

Jennifer A. Miskov

“Faith Integration: Sausage Making or Wisdom Tradition?”

Steven M. Fettke

“Fulfilling the Apostolic Mandate in Apostolic Power: Seeking a Spirit-Driven Missiology and Praxis”

DeLonn Rance

“God at Graduate School: Research and Models for Training Spirit-Filled Counselors in Secular Counselor Education”

Robert L. Moore

“Imaging God, Embodying Christ: Can Pentecostals Contribute a ‘Pneu’-Matological Argument for Women in Ministry?”

Lisa P. Stephenson

“Kenosis and Emergence: An Intrinsic Connection”

Bradford McCall

“N. T. Wright—Right or Wrong For Pentecostals? A Survey of His Thought and Its Implications for Pentecostals”

Jeffrey S. Lamp, Oral Roberts University

“Not By Words Alone!: Mujeristas’ and Pentecostalistas’ missiologies of Liberation from the Hispanic Margins”

Angel Santiago-Vendrell

“Paradigms as Best Accounts of our Word: Can Christian Thought Learn from Philosophy of Science?”

L. William Oliverio Jr.

“Pentecostal Pluralism in the Academy: Can a Wittgensteinian Epistemology of Intellectual Humility Show the Way to Unity?”

Paul Oxley

“Postmodernity, Pentecostalism – And Rudolf Bultmann: A Pentecostal Appraisal of Bultmannian Hermeneutics in the World of GenX”

Bradley Truman Noel

“Procreation, Migration, and Dominion in Genesis 1:28 and Its Missiological Importance”

Joseph Castleberry

“Revelation 7: Three Critical Questions”

Thomas Doyle
Rebecca Skaggs

“Rulers of Darkness: Towards a Pentecostal Missiology of Poverty and Underdeveopment in Africa”

Clifton Clarke

“Seymour on Scripture”

Renea Brathwaite

“Spirit and Peace in Luke-Acts: Possibilities for Pentecostal/Anabaptist Dialogue”

Martin William Mittelstadt

“The Charism of Prophecy and Social Justice (Amos)”

Lyle Story

“The Cult of True Evangelism: Marriage and Ministry in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries”

Leah Payne

“The Designation Shift from the Ugaritic Rephaim to the Israelite Yhwh Rophe: The Divine Healer in Exodus 15:26 and its Theological Implication”

Joonho Yoon

“The Hidden Promise of Expository Preaching For Pentecostal Spirituality and Practice”

Jeff C. Magruder

“The Missionary Women of Early Pentecost: Call, Challenge, and Opportunity”

Rosemarie Daher Kowalski

“The Mystery of the Great Whore – Pneumatic Discernment in Revelation 17”

John Christopher Thomas

“The Spirit and the Academy”

William K. Kay

“The Spirit of Christ and Supernatural Grace: Toward a Christological Understanding of Spiritual Gifts”

Jacob Dodson

“The Spirit of Resistance: The Postcolonial Activity of the Spirit in Scripture”

Aaron M. Denbo

“The Spirit that Hovers: The Spirit of God and Creation in the Old Testament”

Scott A. Ellington

“’The Trees of the Field Will Clap Their Hands’: Is There Hope for the Renewal of Creation in Second Isaiah?”

Jacqueline Grey

“The Whole Gospel for the Whole World: A. B. Simpson and the Emergence of the Pentecostal Bible School Movement, 1880-1920”

P. Douglas Chapman

“Tongues and Ethics: William J. Seymour and the “Bible Evidence” a Response to Cecil M. Robeck, Jr.”

Renea Brathwaite

“Towards a Pentecostal Ecclesiology: Participation in the Missional Life of the Triune God”

Peter Althouse

“Trinitarian Preaching: Preaching out of Being”

Derek Knoke

“Walking by the Spirit in Romans 8:4”

James M. Henderson

“What Does it Mean to Read the Bible as a Pentecostal?”

Andrew Davies

“What Pentecostals Might Learn from Nestorian Missions”

Robert L. Gallagher

“Why some and Not Others: A Proposal Concerning the Deuteronomistic Historian’s Association of the Divine Spirit with Othniel, Gideon, Jephthah and Samson”

John Ragsdale

“Why Was Jesus Baptized? New Light from the Dead Sea Scrolls”

Hannah K. Harrington

“William J. Seymour: Antecedents that Shaped His Theology”

Charles Fox

“Women and the Landscape of American Higher Education: Wesleyan Holiness and Pentecostal Founders”

Abraham Ruelas

“Women’s Agency/Involvement and the Future of Pentecostalism: The Case of West Africa”

Adelaide Boadi