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Saturday, January 1st

'0"The Few That Got Through”: The Nineteen Women Ordained by Bishop Ozro Thurston Jones, Jr. Std (1982-1990)"

Delrio Antoinette Ligons-Berry

"A Pentecostal Perspective to Moltmann’s God in Creation: A New Look At Mission"

Peter Morgan

“A Pentecostal Vision for the Universal Church Informed by the Ecclesiology of Yves Congar”

Jacob Dodson

"A Whispered Voice in the Choir: Toward An Ecological Pneumatology in Hebrews"

Jeffrey S. Lamp

Oral Roberts University

"African-American Pentecostalism in African Diaspora Scholarship: Historic Institutions of African Exchange, Cogic Continuities, and Raptivist Conflict"

Craig Scandrett Leatherman

"An Anointed Heritage of Protest and Faith: A Study of Bishop Arthur Brazier’s Civil Rights Work and Pentecostal Legacy (1960-2010)"

Rosa M. Sailes

"An Effective History of Johannine Texts on Sanctification in Early Wesleyan Pentecostal Literature"

Karen Holley

"Are Pentecostals Evangelicals?"

Larry Sterling, Jr.

“Between Order and Improvisation: The Production of Pentecostal Music at Evangel Temple Christian Center”

Travis W. Cooper

"Between the Eschaton and the Institution: the Founding of Southwestern Assemblies of God University"

Blaine C. Hamilton

"Blessim Bilong Papa God: The Missional Implications of The Abrahamic Blessing Motif As Reflected In the Papua New Guinean Christian Revival Crusade Movement"

Sarita D. Gallagher

“Book Review of Rebecca Skaggs and Priscilla C. Benham’s Revelation”

Melissa L. Archer

"Can Spirit Led Short Term International Missions Impact Cross-Cultural Legacy"

E. Myron Noble

“Chaos and Chaos/Complexity Theory: Understanding Evil Forces with the Help of Contemporary Science and Contemporary Linguistics”

E. Janet Warren

“Charismata in First Corinthians 12:1-11: It’s Implication to the Church in Nigeria”

Olugbenga Olagunju

“Charles Mason’s Testimony of Pentecost as a Theology of Experience: Toward a Pneumatic Christology for Black Holiness-Pentecostalism”

Rodney L. Parker

"Components of Christian Undergraduate Education in Preparation for Intercultural Service"

Rosemarie Kowalski

"Connecting the Dots between Emotion and Experience: Exploring the Impact of Changing Dynamics on Pentecostal Ministry"

Thomas J. Doolittle

“Coote Family: The History of Oneness Pentecostalism—‘United Pentecostal Church in Japan’ and Pentecostal Mission Board ‘Next Towns Crusade’”

Yasunori Aoki

"Defining the New Homiletic: The Union of Preaching and Praxis"

Derek Knoke

"Denominations, Doctrine and the End Times: The Development Of American Pentecostal Eschatology, 1911-1950"

Christopher Richmann

“Desperate Courage: A Study of the Woman in the Crowd and Her Pushy Persistence (Mark 5:21-43)”

Robin Gallaher Branch

"Does Divine Mystery Lead to Moral Paralysis? The Agency of the Spirit and the Skeptical Theist Response to the Problem of Evil"

Chris King

"Early Pentecostal Explorations in Hebrews: A Review Of the Effective History of Texts from the Epistle to the Hebrews in Early North American Pentecostal Periodical Literature"

Jeffrey C. Holley

“Early Pentecostal Pacifism in Black And White: American Pentecostals Engaging Peace during World War I”

Zachary M. Tackett

"Ecclesiology to Go: Images of a Missiological Ecclesiology"

Anita Koeshall

“Ecumenism from the Bottom up: A Pentecostal Perspective”

Shane Clifton

“Embodied Agency and Spirit Baptism: Human-Divine Partnership in the Fulfillment of Life”

Frederick L. Ware

"Finding the Spirit of Elijah in the Story of Elisha and the Lost Ax Head: 2 Kings 6:1-7 In The Light Of 2 Kings 2"

Rickie D. Moore

“Frank Macchia’s Justified In the Spirit: The Spirit as the Substance of Justification—’A Bridge Too Far’”

Ralph Del Colle

“Genocide, Tribalism, and the Hope of Reconciliation in East Africa”

Matthew W. Tallman

“Gifts from the Spirit: Women from New Covenant Pentecostal Church”

Mary Grace Puckett

“He Is Melting All Races and Nations Together: An Ethnological History of the Oneness-Pentecostal Movement and Its Ramifications in Stockton, California”

Lloyd D. Barba

“Hermeneutics, Realism and Pentecostal Faith”

L. William Oliverio Jr.

"Holistic Mission Based on The Holiness of God: A Defense and Suggestions for Implementation"

Paul Kazim

"Holy Boldness in Acts with Special Reference to Pauline-Lukan Intertextuality"

James B. Shelton

Oral Roberts University

“Legacy as Techne in the Rhetorics of Pentecostal Women Preachers”

Kristen Dayle Welch

“’Living On the Hallelujah Side’: The Historical Roots of Pentecostal Triumphalism”

David Courey

"Making All Things New (Again): Zephaniah’s Eschatological Vision of a Return to Primeval Time"

David P. Melvin

"Markan Discipleship According to Malachi: The Prophetic Significance of Mh\ A0posterh/Sh|J in The Story of the Rich Man (Mark 10:17-22)"

Richard Hicks

"Marx, Michael Moore and Money: A Pentecostal Considers Capitalism and Class"

Pamela Holmes

“Memory and Oral Delivery of the Johannine Writings Biblical Studies Interest Group”

Jeffrey E. Brickle

“Missionary Resources for an Independent Church—Case Study of the True Jesus Church”

David A. Reed

"Navigating the Empire: Esther as a Model of Marginalisation"

Jacqueline Grey

"“Out of the Mouths of Babes”: Pentecostalism and Girl Evangelists in the Flapper Era"

Thomas A. Robinson

"Pentecostal Worship Roots: George Whitefield’s Influence Upon The African American and Methodist Traditions"

Josh P. S. Samuel

“Pentecostal Worship: The Making of American History from African Slave Narratives to Urban City Scapes”

Wolfgang Vondey

"Pentecostalism, Human Nature, and Aesthetics: 21st Century Engagement"

Edmund Rybarczyk

"Pentecostals and Peace in the Holy Land"

Eric N. Newberg

"Pilgrim Missionaries: Reflections on “My Pilgrimage in Mission” Robert L. Gallagher, James W. Hanes, Brandy M. Holloway, Jennifer L. Shook, and Jasmine R. Thorne"

Robert L. Gallagher

"Power through Weakness: Paul and His Opponents In 2 Corinthians"

Peter A. Reynolds

"Priscilla and Aquila, Bebe and Carl: The Life and Ministry of A Preacher’s Husband"

Abraham Ruelas

"Prophecy and Sacred Song in 1 Chronicles 25"

Kevin L. Spawn

“Racial Reconciliation as an Expression of Love in a Charismatic Congregation”

Michael Wilkinson
Peter Althouse

“Reflecting on Roots: Robert Jenson’s Theology of Judaism in a Pentecostal Key”

Michael J. Chan

“Rethinking Red China: A Survey of American Pentecostal Representations of the Church in China”

Jason Pudlo

"Rethinking the Baptism in the Holy Spirit and Sanctification: A Harmonizing Blended Alternative to Finished Work Pentecostal and Wesleyan Pentecostal Views of Sanctification"

Paul King

Oral Roberts University

"Rhetorical Thoughts, Strategies and Rhythms of Dr. King and Hip Hop Music"

Earle J. Fisher

"Royalty Unveiled: Profiles of Women Trailblazers in Church of God in Christ Foreign Missions 1920 -1970"

Glenda Williams Goodson

"Sexism: A Shared Legacy within Pentecostalism And The Civil Rights Movement"

Candace M. Laughinghouse

“Some Things Never Change: The Connection between Prophetic Activity and Missional Effectiveness”

Gary Tyra

"Spirit and Voice: on Hearing the Invisible God"

Chris Emerick

“Spirit Baptism, Socialization and Godly Love in the Church of God (Cleveland, TN)”

Kimberly Ervin Alexander
James P. Bowers
Mark J. Cartledge

"Syntax of Imperative-Future Passive Indicative and Imperative-Present Participle Combinations in Koine Greek"

Paul Elbert

The (Un)Forgotten: Story of the Voronaev Children

Dony K. Donev

“The Church and the Hope of New Creation: Wesleyan Pneumatology in the Theology of D. T. Niles”

Jeffrey W. Barbeau

"The Future of Global Pentecostalism: Evaluating Prediction"

William K. Kay

“The Hermeneutical Primacy of the Poor within the Thought of Gustavo Gutierrez”

Joseph Davis

"The Impact of Technology on Views of the Other and The Church’s Response"

Ryan Hennesy

“The Kingdom of God and Ethnic Diversity in Global Missions: A Hispanic Perspective”

Victor H. Cuartas

‘The Pentecostalization of the World’1: Pentecostalism, Multi-Racial Worship, And J. Kameron Carter's Race: A"

David Mowers

"The Present Davidic Reign: The Integral Relationship of the Davidic Covenant And The Outpouring of the Holy Spirit"

Dan Morrison

“The Role of God’s Presence in Christian Ethical Method: Why Is Glen Stassen Justified in Using Martin Luther King, Jr., As a Moral Exemplar?”

Paul Oxley

“’The Saints Go Marching’: Black Pentecostal Critical Consciousness and the Political Protest Activism of Pastors and Leaders in the Church of God in Christ in the Civil Rights Era”

Jonathan L. Chism

“The Use of Touch as a Redemptive Expression of the Mission of God in the World”

Valerie Rance

"The Vocations of Israel and Israel’s Messiah in The Work of N.T. Wright"

Glen W. Menzies

“Toward A Pastoral Theology of Pauline Contextualization in 1 Corinthian”

Gabe Clevenger

"Toward A Pentecostal Sacramentalism: An Exegetical Inquiry"

Joseph Lear

“Toward A Pentecostal Theology of Culture”

Andrew Davies

"Transforming People in Crises: Charles Harrison Mason And Sharecroppers"

Mable Springfield Scott

"Types of Pentecostal Theology: Four Methodologies of Pentecostal Systematic Theologians"

Christopher A. Stephenson

" Unraveling the Cords That Divide: Cultural Challenges And Race Relations in the Church Of God (Cleveland, Tennessee)"

David G. Roebuck

“What Is Not the Old Testament Pneumatology?: The Holy Spirit Differentiated From Angel, Wisdom, and Goddess”

Joonho Yoon

"Where Do We Go From Here? Revisited: Pneumatological Liberation as Fulfillment of The Dream The Journey to Here"

Aaron Howard

"Whither Pentecostal Experience?: Mediated Experience of God in Pentecostal Theology"

Peter D. Neumann

“Working with Pentecostal-Charismatic Beliefs in Therapy”

Stephen Parker

"Your Noble Spirit"

Charles H. Gaulden