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Sunday, January 1st

"A Contextual Re-Examination of the Mulier Taceat and Communication in the Worship Service in Light of Paul’s Criteria for What Is Authentically Spiritual"

Fitzroy John Willis

“A Pentecostal Perspective of the Missional Church in Relation to Congregational Ministry”

Thomas J. Doolittle

“A Postmodern Pentecostal Perspective on Apostolicity”

Harold D. Hunter

"Acts 10 Revisited"

D. Michael Postlethwait

Oral Roberts University

“African Pentecostal Biblical Hermeneutics: How Do ‘Ordinary African Pentecostals’ Read/Interact with the Bible?”

John A. Gallegos II

“African Pentecostalism and Social Justice and Action”

Jody B. Fleming

“African Roots in Appalachian Heritage: Recovering the Unheard Voices of Black Appalachia in the Early History of the Church of God (Cleveland, TN)”

Andrew S. Hudson

"An Apostle of Love Heidi Baker (Iris Ministries) and the New Apostolic Reformation"

Margaret M. Poloma

“An Effective History of Johannine Texts on Sanctification in Early Finished Work Pentecostal Literature”

Karen Holley

“An Old Testament Theology of Work”

Jacqueline Grey

“Anglican-Pentecostal Dialogue: A Proposal for the Council for Christian Unity of the Church of England and the Inter-Anglican Standing Committee on Ecumenical Relations”

David Hilborn

"Baptized in the Name of Jesus: Oneness and Trinitarian Pentecostal Readings of Acts 2:38"

Paul Palma

“Being and (Im)Mediacy: Reflections on the Metaphysics of Divine-Human Encounter in Pentecostal Experience”

Chris E. Green

"Bernt Berntsen—A Prominent Oneness Pentecostal Pioneer to North China"

Iap Sain Chin

"Beyond the Monist–Dualist Debate: Toward A Pentecostal Ontology"

Jack Wisemore

“‘Breaking Down the Dividing Wall of Hostility?’: When Cultures Collide in Theological Debate”

Jenny Everts

“Building Jerusalem? Models of Megachurch in England”

Mark J. Cartledge
Andrew Davies

"’Can We Find a Way to Address Human Sexuality without Fighting about it?’ One Pentecostal's Response to Brian D. Mclaren”

Pamela M. S. Holmes

“Celebration of Dignity: Pentecostal Eucharist and the Poor”

Johnathan E. Alvarado

“Churches as Prophet: Ecumenical Ministry that Transforms the Cities”

Antipas L. Harris

"Darío López’s the Liberating Mission of Jesus in Context: A Video Essay"

Rory Randall

“Dialectics and Pacifism in the Thought of Gustavo Gutierrez”

Joseph Davis

"Dionissy and Olga Zaplishny – American Slavic Apostles to the Bulgarians"

Svetlana Renee Papazov

“Dying to Witness: Early Franciscan Missions to the Muslims”

Robert L. Gallagher

“Dynamics of Religious Conversion to Islam among the Hispanics in the United States”

Victor H. Cuartas

“Early Pentecostal Explorations in Hebrews: A Review of the Effective History of Pneumatological Texts from the Epistle to the Hebrews in Early North American Pentecostal Periodical Literature from the Finished-Work Tradition”

Jeffrey C. Holley

'“Eight Days” and “Exodus”: the Meaning of Luke’s Changes to the Transfiguration Story"

John C. Poirier

“Factors Accounting for the Growth of Pentecostal Churches in Southeast Asia”

William K. Kay

“Gender Justice: The “And” Not “Or” of Women and Men in Christ”

Amy McClane

“Ghost in the Analysis: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in the Use of Empirical Methods in the Study of the Holy Spirit’s Influences in the Church Today”

Brian M. Kelly

“God’s Presence Mediated Through Creation”

R. Jerome Boone

“God’s Presence Mediated Through Creation”

R. Jerome Boone

“Gospel Shaped Church: Developing a Trinitarian Pentecostal Ecclesiology”

Andy Lord

"Green Spirituality: Towards Constructing A Pneumatological Eco-Theology"

Aaron Yom

“Imagining a Just Pentecostal Faith Community: Spirit-Enabled Lay People for the 21st Century”

Steven M. Fettke

"Implications of Pentecostal Egalitarianism for Christian Participation in American Democracy"

Frederick L. Ware

“J. H. King and a Pentecostal Theology of Religions and Interreligious Ecumenism: Lessons Learned and Suggestions for Future Research”

Tony G. Moon

"John Osteen and The “Oasis Of Love”: Lakewood Church in American Religious History"

Phillip Luke Sinitiere

“Late-Modern Liberal Ethicists, Early Pentecostals and Eschatological Rhetoric, or Is It Still Raining”

Joseph Lear

“Lessons on Media and Culture for 21st Century Pentecostalism from Aimee Semple Mcpherson”

Bradley Truman Noel

“Liturgy and Eschatology in a Pentecostal – Charismatic Ecumenism”

Peter D. Hocken

“Making Covenant Together: Pastors Learning To Flourish”

James P. Bowers

"Miracle, Metaphor, and Mission in Luke 5:1-11"

Peter A. Reynolds

“Narcissism and the Inferiority Complex: Rediscovering a Christcentered Model for Leadership in the American Church”

Kristen Harvey

"Narrative Selfhood in Frei, Macintyre, and Nietzsche"

John C. Poirier

“New Heavens and New Earth: Early Pentecostal Soteriology as a Foundation for Creation Care in the Present”

Jeffrey S. Lamp, Oral Roberts University

“’Now Ye Are Clean’: Sanctification as a Formative Doctrine of Early Pentecostalism in Hong Kong”

Connie Ho Yan Au

“Outlook for 2020: Results from a Real-Time Delphi Survey of Global Pentecostal Leaders”

Jay E. Gary

“Pan-Africanism and Pentecostalism in Africa: Strange Bedfellows or Perfect Partners?”

Clifton Clarke

"Pauline Concept Of Agape: It’s Implication For Religious Peace And Harmony in Africa"

Olugbenga Olagunju

"Peace, Justice and Pentecostal Mission: Reflections of A Marginal/Ized Non-Traditional Missionary in Latin America"

Richard E. Waldrop

“Pentecost, Justice, and the Other”

Daniela C. Augustine

“Pentecostal-Mennonite Convergence on the Pneumatological Foundations for Holistic Witness”

Jacob Dodson

"Pentecostalism, Zionism and the Middle East Conflict: Reconciling Inherent Philosemitism and Calls for Social Justice"

Calvin L. Smith

“Philosophy and Science: Some Gadamerian Considerations”

Chris Emerick

“Pneumatological Kingdom Ethics for the Twenty First Century: Implication for Socio-Political Engagement through Military Chaplaincy”

Justin Gottuso

“Poverty and the Neo-Pentecostal Liberationists of Africa: An Ecological Theologian’s Reflection on the Prosperity Gospellers”

Ben-Willie Kwaku Golo

“Practicing the Gospel As Commanded By Jesus: An Examination of Pentecostal Bible Schools and Their Missionary Activities in the United States”

P. Douglas Chapman

“’Pre-Emotional’ Fear and Moral Progress in Philippians: Critical Reflections on Epaphroditus’ ‘Near-Death’ Experience in Paul’s Rhetorical Strategy”

Richard Hicks

"Queer Tongues Confess, “I Know, That I Know, That I Know”: A Queer Reading of James K.A. Smith’s Thinking in Tongues"

Jared Vázquez

"Reclaiming William Arthur’s the Tongue of Fire for the Pentecostal Heritage"

Christopher Richmann

"Renewing the Pentecostal Vision and Witness of the Justified People of God"

Monte Lee Rice

"Revival unto Justice: How God Sides with the Poor in Sending Revival and Leading It to Social and Economic Justice"

Todd Pokrifka

“Sacramental Justice: A Pentecostal Approach to Social Justice”

David Courey

“Salt and Light or Salt And Pepper: Views on Ethno-Religious Violence and Peace Among Pentecostals in Nigeria”

Danny McCain
Musa Gaiya
Katrina Korb

“’See, I Am Doing a New Thing’: Toward a Postcolonial Redefinition of Pentecostalism”

Samuel J. Martinez

“Sex from the Pulpit: A Declaration from Song of Solomon”

Adrian Hinkle

“’Tell Me the Old, Old Story’: The Hymns and Testimonies of Ancient Israel and American Pentecostals”

Meghan D. Musy

"The Ecumenical Potential of Eucharistic Spirituality: Towards Greater Common Witness between Pentecostals and Roman Catholics"

Christopher A. Stephenson

“The Emergence of Indigenous Leadership in the Papua New Guinean Christian Revival Crusade Movement”

Sarita D. Gallagher

"The Evolution of Creationism in Pentecostal Thought"

Zachary M. Tackett

"The Female Seminary and the Rise of Social Justice for Women"

Kristen Welch

“The Forgotten Casualty: Children and “Total War” in the Hebrew Bible”

William Lyons

“The Galilean Option of Jesus A Theology of Life from the Margins of Society”

Darío Andrés López Rodríguez

“The Interpreting Angel in Zech 1–6: Divine Transcendence in Post-Exilic Judaism and the Rise of Apocalypticism.”

David P. Melvin

“The Lasting Impact of David Wilkerson and Teen Challenge on Social Justice through Heroic Narrative and Spirit-Empowered Christianity in the 21st Century”

Robert C. Crosby

“The Message of Good News to the Poor in Isaiah 61:1 and Luke 4:18, 19”

Roger Cotton

"The Pentecostal as Activist: The Social Engagement of Bebe Patten in the Civil Rights and Zionist Movements"

Abraham Ruelas

"’The Romance of the Pentecostal Leper Home’ Balancing Evangelistic and Humanitarian Impulses in Early Pentecostal Missiology”

Malcolm R. Brubaker

“Theology in Color: The Ecumenical Significance of Icons of the Spirit”

Eric N. Newberg, Oral Roberts University

“There’s Power in the Name of Jesus … and Aslan, and Elbereth, and Dumbledore”

Sonya Cronin

“Towards a Paradigm of Approaching Revivals a Case Study on Carrie Judd Montgomery’s Approach to Early Pentecostal Revivals”

Jen Miskov

“Towards a Pentecostal Spirituality: A Case Study in Rural, Affluent Connecticut”

Randal Ackland

“Wars and Rumors of Wars: Oneness Pentecostal Pacifism and Patriotism from WWI-WWII”

Lloyd D. Barba

“William F.P. Burton & the PMU Years From 1911-1914: An Analysis of the PMU Materials”

David J. Garrard

“Willing To Know: Searching For Inspiration in the Epistemological Approaches of Bonaventure, Duns Scotus and Blaise Pascal”

Klaas Bom

“Women of the Spirit: A Study of African Caribbean Pentecostal Spirituality”

Marcia Clarke