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Tuesday, January 1st

"A New Look At An Old Problem: A Narrative Approach to John 7.37-39"

Philip L. Mayo

"A Pentecostal Rapprochement With Tradition"

L. William Oliverio Jr.

"A Wesley Lutherans Could Appreciate? What Lutherans Can Learn About Holiness From The Wesleyan Tradition"

Cheryl M. Peterson

“Against Innocence: Christian Ethics, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and Political Engagement”

Dallas J. Gingles

“Against Postmodern Pentecostalism”

Richard B. Davis
W. Paul Franks

"Angelic Interpretation of Visions And the Divine Source of Wisdom in the Book of Daniel"

David P. Melvin

“'Are you zealous for my sake?' Numbers 11: the spirit’s cry For a people of holiness and prophecy"

Micheline Facey

“Beauty and Holiness in the Calling of Isaiah”

Jacqueline Grey

Becoming a Holy People of God: A Pentecostal Appropriation of Von Balthasar’s “New Form” of “Pneumatically Transfigured Humanity”

Bethany Joy Kim

“Bridge Over Troubled Water? Rebaptism in a Nordic Context – Reflections and Proposals”

Terje Hegertun

"Carrie Judd Montgomery's Impact on Canadian Leaders within the Healing And Pentecostal Movements"

Jennifer A. Miskov

"Christ’s Sanctified Holy Church: A Study in Black And White Holiness"

Vinson Synan

"Emerging Homiletics: A Pentecostal Response"

Rick Wadholm Jr.

"Experience in The Fifth Round of The International Catholic-Pentecostal Dialogue"

Karen Jorgenson Murphy

"Exploring Isaiah 25: Waiting for Yahweh Tsabaoth to Swallow Up Death"

Meghan D. Musy

Framing Vocational Holiness: Exploring Implications of A Pentecostal Cognitive Model of Call to Pastoral Ministry

Susan L. Maros

"From Fear-Based to Holiness-Based: Thoughts about the Work of The Holy Spirit in Youth Ministry"

Joshua R. Ziefle

“Healing in Search of Atonement: with a Little Help from James K.A. Smith”

Randall Holm

"Holiness And the Path of Suffering: Lessons for Pentecostals From the Book of Hebrews"

Faith McGhee

"Holiness As A Function of Psycho-Behavioral Monitoring And Spiritual Mentoring: The Talmideem Agenda Research Project"

Johan Mostert

"Holiness As Play: A Developmental Perspective on Christian Formation"

Stephen Parker

"Holiness for Today in The Context of Emerging Christianity"

Terrence Threadwell

"Holiness Graphic"

Johan Mostert

"Holiness Unto The Lord: The Celibate Pentecostals of The Ceylon Pentecostal Mission"

Derrick R. Rosenior

“Holiness – A Road to Power in the Late 19th Century?”

Dianne Langston

“Holiness, Pentecostal, and Cherokee: Cherokee Influences on the Early Healing Practices of the Church of God (Cleveland, TN)”

Andrew S. Hudson

“Holiness: an Empirical and Functional Analysis”

William K. Kay

"Holy Sex:The Bane of Severing—And The Blessings of Reuniting—Pleasure & Procreation"

Mark E. Roberts

Oral Roberts University

“In the Times of Elijah and Elisha: the Universal Mission of God in the Narratives of the Sidonian Widow and Naaman the Syrian”

Sarita D. Gallagher

“Inspiration and Discernment in Pentecostal Aesthetics”

Steven Felix-Jager

"J. H. King’s ‘Expansive’ Theology of Pentecostal Spirit Baptism"

Tony G. Moon

"James H. Cone And Leonard Lovett: A Dialogue Between Black Liberation Theology And Racial Reconciliation in The North American Classical Pentecostal Movement"

Anthony Roberts

“’Let It Be’”: Provisionally Rethinking Predestination, Providence, & the Nature of Divine/Human Agency”

Chris E.W. Green

"Let The Holy Yet Be Holy: Images of Holiness In The Apocalypse of John"

Daniel I. Morrison

"Liberating Holiness for The Oppressed And The Oppressors"

Patrick Oden

"Meal As A Catalyst for Reconciliation: An Introduction to The Possibilities of Utilizing A Meal Event for Peacemaking"

Peter J. Morgan

"Mildred Johnson Brostek: “Fiery Young Evangelist”'

Monica B. Masiko

“’Not I, but Christ’”: Holiness, Conscience, & the (Im) possibility of Community”

Chris E.W. Green


Leah Payne

"Patterning the Pentecostal Via Salutis to the Classical “Three Ways” of Spiritual Formation: An Ecumenical Model for Developmental Sanctification"

Monte Lee Rice

“Pedagogy of Deuteronomy”

Adrian Hinkle

“Pentecostal Antitraditionalism and the Pursuit of Holiness: the Neglected Role of Tradition in Pentecostal Theological Reflection”

Aaron Friesen

"Pentecostal Discourse in Analytic Key: Pentecostal Theology And Analytic Philosophy of Religion?"

Christopher A. Stephenson

“Practicing Holiness in the Obama Era and Beyond: Towards a Practical Theology of Holiness for the 21st Century Church”

Antipas L. Harris

"“Priest ~ Sacrifice ~ Life As Worship”: A Pauline Matrix1 for Understanding Romans"

William Simmons

Re-Membering Desire: the Nazianzen And Irigaray on Desire And Sexuality

Samuel Martinez

“Reassessing New Creation: the Pneumatological Link Between Natural History and Redemption History”

David D. Kentie

"Relevance of Early Pentecostal Missionary Call Narratives"

Eric N. Newberg

Oral Roberts University

"Science And Spirituality"

E. Janet Warren

“Silent Women’ In Charismatic Context”

Waldemar Kowalski

"Spirit of Peace: Protestant Pentecostals and Catholic Charismatics in Northern Ireland"

Janice Kathleen Harder

"Spirit of Peace: Protestant Pentecostals and Catholic Charismatics in Northern Ireland"

Janice Kathleen Harder

“The Faith and Praxis of Women in Missions in the Early Pentecostal and Holiness Movement”

Jody B. Fleming

"The Irvingite Apologetic For Tongues As Ecstatic Speech"

Peter A. Reynolds

“The Kingdom of God and Globalization: Implications for the Pentecostal Church”

Trevor Grizzle, Oral Roberts University

"The Ministry of Kathryn Kuhlman in the Context of Twentieth-Century Cultural Injustice"

Margaret English de Alminana

"The Mother in Israel: Maria Woodworth-Etter, Holiness, Pentecostalism, And Social Reform"

Leah Payne

“The Political Theology of Harold Caballeros: the Metamorphosis of a Mega Church Pastor to Minister of Foreign Affairs”

John A. Gallegos II

“The Prophesied Restoration of the Davidic Kingdom: a Comparative Analysis of Isaiah 11:10—16 and Amos 9:11—15 and Their New Testament Interpretations”

Alicia Jackson

"The Role And Function of The Demonic in The Johannine Tradition"

John Christopher Thomas

“The Seduction of Wittgenstein: The Linguistic Turn as Anti-Metaphysics Metaphysics?”

D. Stephen Long

"The Spirit Bade Me Go: Missional Faithfulness And The Growth of Global Pentecostalism"

Gary Tyra

"The Unity of The Message of The Twelve Minor Prophets in History, in The Canon, And in The Spirit"

Rickie D. Moore

'“There’s Power In The Blood”: Hidden Evangelical Heresy in Oneness Pentecostal Atonement Theology?"

David A. Reed

“Toward a Trinitarian Doctrine of the Divine Attributes: Pneumatological Insights to Compliment Karl Barth’s Christological Emphasis in the Doctrine of God”

Andrew Gabriel

"Upside Down Leadership: The Children’s Stories in The Gospel of Mark"

Douglas Petersen

“Who Is ‘Angry’ in the Story of the Man with the Withered Hand?: Mark’s (Un)emotional Jesus in His Greco-Roman Context”

Richard Hicks

“’Whom Shall I Send And Who Will Go For Us?’ The Empowerment of the Holy Spirit For Early Pentecostal Female Missionaries”

Rosemarie Daher Kowalski

"Wilderness: Holy Yahweh’s Innate Habitat?"

Narelle Melton

"Wittgenstein’s Language Philosophy: Can God’s Holiness Be Purged of Metaphysical Defilement?"

Paul Oxley

“Yearning for an Undivided Heart: Desert Spirituality and the 19th Century Holiness Movement”

Joel Halldorf

"Yhwh, A God Of New Beginnings: The Prophet Micah’s Testimony"

Wilhelm J. Wessels

Wednesday, January 1st

"A Desperate Hope: the Azusa Street Revival and Racial Reconciliation"

Renea Brathwaite

"A Megachurch in a Megacity: a Study of Cyberspace Representation"

Mark J. Cartledge
Andrew Davies

"A Post-Postmodern Theology of Sanctification?"

Richard Castleberry

"Accessing Digital and Non-Digital Primary Content of African American Holiness Pentecostals"

Sherry Sherrod DuPree

"Against Postmodern Pentecostalism"

Ricahrd B. Davis
W. Paul Franks

"An Interruption in Nature: the Edna Jean Horn Story"

Sarah DeLynn Cox, Oral Roberts University

"Be Not Drunk with Wine: the Holiness Influence on Nineteenth-and Early Twentieth-Century American Social Movements and Their Ongoing Expressions in Pentecostalism"

Don Detrick

"Call and Response: Towards an African Pentecostal Theological Method"

Clifton Clarke

"Conversation, Being, and Trinity: Toward a Trinitarian Hermeneutical Linguistic Ontology"

Chris Emerick

"Even the Fish of the Sea are Dying"

Jeff Briggs

"Help from the Future"

Ebenezer Agbaje

"Kant's Reasoning on Eschatology, Ethics, and Holiness"

James W. Barker

"Mediated Pneumatic Praxis: a Contribution to Practical Theology"

Mark J. Cartledge

"New or Old Wineskins: the Significance of Holiness for Developing a Pentecostal Theology of Worship"

Sammy Alfaro

"Saved and Sanctified: Holiness as Lived-Experience in a Storefront Sanctified Church"

Deidre Helen Crumbley

"Scripture Within: the Roles of Memory, Mnemonics, and Meditation in Engaging Biblical Texts"

Jeffrey E. Brickle

"The Acknowledgement of Holy Ground ad Prerequisite to Israel's Advancement: Under the Leadership of Joshua (Joshua 5:13-15)"

Robert C. Crosby

"The Sanctified Imagination of Maria Stewart"

Darren Joseph Elzie

"Victory in Jesus: Perfectionism, Pentecostal Sanctification, and Luther's Thology of the Cross"

David Courey