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Thursday, January 1st

"A Century of Change at the Congregacao Crista No Brasil"

Rubia R. Valente

"A Look at the Early Years of Pentecostalism in the Bahamas"

Woodly Thompson

"A Tactical Child-Like Way of Being Human Together: Implications from James Loder's Thought for Post-Colonial Christian Witness"

Dana Wright

"'And Made No Distinction Between Us and Them' (Acts 15:1-31): Spirit, Scripture and Community in Evaluating Cultural Norms"

Micheline Facey

"Anthropology, Soteriology, and Icons: How Pentecostals Can Learn from These Elements of Eastern Orthodox Belief and Praxis"

Steohen P. Todd

"Bird of Life, Bird of Death: the Dove and the Quetzal in Latin American Pentecostal Eco-Theology and Mission"

Richard E. Waldrop

"Charles Chesnutt and the Global Spirit of African American Literary Tongues"

Darren Joseph Elzie

"Daniel Awrey: Azusa Street Itinerant Missionary Evangelist"

Al Warner

"Daniel Warren Kerr: A World-Wide Missionary"

P Douglas Chapman

"Dicernment and Language of the Spirit"

E. Janet Warren

"Embodied Encounter: A Closer Look at Moses' Unshod Feet (Exodus 3)"

Narelle Coetzee

"Empathy: God's Ministry to Humanity, Our Ministry to Others"

Pam Walter Englebert

"Finding the Spirit in the Former Prophets: A Historical Survey with Help from Elisha (2KGS 2.13-17)"

Rick Wadholm JR.

"Historical and Doctrinal Formation of Holiness Teachings and Praxis Among Bulgarian Pentecostals"

Dony K. Donev

"Homosexuality and Science: The Changing Horizon"

Joseph H. Davis

"Kenotic Ethics of Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution"

Kyle Clukey

"Living to Give: The Prosperity Gospel in Global Context and Biblical Perspective"

Janet Everts

"McPhersonism? Aimee Semple McPherson and the Baptists"

Doug Weaver

"Moving Toward a Community of Biblical and Gender Justice"

Margaret English de Alminana

"Patriarchy, Pentecostalism: Script and Counterscript"

Margaret English de Alminana

"Patronizing John's Memory Library: Perspectives on Space, Text, and Canon in the Fourth Gospel"

Jeffrey E. Brickle

"Pentecostal Growth in Closed Nations: A Case Study of Reverse Missions"

Elaine R. Cleeton

"Pentecostal Hermeneutics in Latin America: General Contours and a Case Study of Bolivian Readers"

Esa Autero

"Perplexed by Tongues?"

Larry Christenson

"Prolegomena to Global Pentecostal Theology"

Wolfgang Vondey

"Prophet Sensing of Yahweh's Word"

Wilhelm J. Wessels

"Redeeming Shame: Becoming One within Pentecostalism"

Austin David Bailey

"Spirit, Being, and Interpretation: Text, Meaning, and The Universality of Hermeneutics"

Chris Emerick

"That He May Speak with His Tongue in the Revealed Language: Charismatic Experience in the Book of Jubilees"

Reed Carlson

"The Ethic of Responible Christian Discipleship: An Introduction

Gary Tyra

"The Holy Spirit, Human Trafficking, and Hope

Kevin Austin

"The Influence of Pentecostal Leaders on Brazilian Legislation: Pentecostalism and the Shaping of Brazilian Political Imagination"

Joao Chaves

"The Spirit of God and the LGBT Community: An Inclusivist Approach

Matthew William Blake

"Theological Strategy: A Model for Spiritually Healthy Change"

Alan Ehlar

"Toward a Robust Indian Pentecostal Missiology: Engaging Religious Pluralism and Religious Skepticism"

Enoch Charles

"Women of the Spirit: Pentecostalism and the Black Woman's Role in the Development of an African Caribbean Christian Consciousness"

Marcia Clarke

"Worship and the Torah"

R. Jerome Boone

"Y los Pentecostales? Presentes!: Theological Contributions From Latin America

Wilmer Estrada-Carrasquillo

Sunday, March 1st

"A Methodological Proposal for Discussing Emotion in the New Testament"

Richard Hicks

"A Post-Colonial Reading of Isaiah 2:1-5"

Jacqueline Grey

"A Theology of Play: Encountering the Other Through Online Gaming"

Traci Humphrey
Phillip Humphrey

"Agnes Thelle Beckdahl: A Witness of God's Faithfulness in Europe and India"

Glenn Gohr

"Assessing the Qualities for Successful Individual Missionary Endeavor"

Robert Houlihan

"Beyond Pneumatological Perspectives: The Integrative Spirit in the Hispanic Pentecostal Community"

Jose Raul Febus-Paris

"Discerning Pneumatically the (Inter)Text of Rev. 11:8: A Pentecostal Exploration of Intertextuality, Narrative Criticism, and Pneumatic Discernment"

David R. Johnson

"Engaging in Pneumatic Mission Praxis"

Robert L. Gllagher

"Global Economics and Good News for the Poor: The Holy Spirit's Work In An Age of Globalization"

John Daniel Holloway, III

"How the Word 'Spirit' is Used in the Book of Psalms"

Charles H. Gaulden

"North American Perspectives on Spirit-Filling: Some Distinctive Views Since 1900"

Allan Gravely

"Pedagogical Theory of the Hebrew Bible: An Application of Education Theory to Biblical Texts"

Adrian Hinkle

"Pentecostal Eschatologies and Global Perspectives: Intertextual Readings of Ezekiel 36-39 and Revelation 19-20"

Alicia Jackson

"The Global Spirit and the Pentecostal Movement in Jamaica"

Trevor Grizzle, Oral Roberts University

"The Prophetic Screams of Heavy Metal: Prophetic Energizing of a Marginalized Crowd"

Steven Felix-Jager

"Towards A Model of Pastoral Theology for Pentecostal Puerto Rican Women

Miriam E. Figueroa-Aponte

"Universal Beauty: The Nature of Beauty in the Theological Aesthetics"

Steven Felix-Jager