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Friday, January 1st

“Revival of a Forgotten Hero: Rebirth of Spirit Baptism for the 21st Century”

Jennifer Miskov

“Vegetable, Animal, or Mineral?: A Personalist Taxonomy of Human Ontologies”

Jack Wisemore

Friday, January 1st

“A Catholic-Pentecostal Perspective on the Eucharist: The Eucharist as Offering of Firstfruits and the Zebach Tôdâ”

Lawrence Ligocki

’Ah, Lord God, Behold!’: The Voice of the Prophet in the Book of Jeremiah”

Jared Runck

“Another Day, Another Shooting: The Scriptures and Terrorist Violence”

John Goldingay

“Art of Rhetorical Design of Omission: Unnamed Jewish Feast in the Narrative Of John 5:1-30”

Riku Tuppurainen

“As Clear As Mud: Restoring Sight to the Shamed and Balthasar’s Aesthetics”

Austin Bailey

“’Before His Face through Times of Refreshing’: Towards a Pentecostal Aesthetic of Sacred Time”

Monte Rice

“C.S. Lewis as a Public Theologian: Pentecostal Appreciation, Evaluation and Challenge”

Mark Cartledge

“Callings, Giftings, and Empowerment: Preaching Women and American Pentecostalism in Historical and Theological Perspective”

Zachary Tackett

“Can These Bones Live? Acts 2:42 as a Liturgical Structure for Pentecostal Worship”

James Henderson

“Can We Still Sing the Lyrics ‘Come Holy Spirit?’ The Spirit as Immanent in Australian Pentecostal Worship Traditions”

Tanya Riches

“Christians and Moral Decisions: Overview of an Interdisciplinary Focus on the Moral Life”

Geoffrey Sutton

“Community as Temple in Paul and 4QFlorilegium”

Glen Menzies

“Dancing With the Ancestors: An Afro-Pentecostal Theology of the Communion of Saints’”

Anthony Roberts

“Demonic Testing in Early Jewish Literature: The Aqedah and Jesus in the Wilderness”

Reed Carlson

“Discussing a Discerning Theology of Christian Evangelism Suitable for a Multi-Faith World”

Tony Richie

“Early Pentecostals, Effective History, and the Pneumatology of the Apocalypse”

David Johnson

“Ethnic Reconciliation and the New Temple of the Spirit”

Craig Keener

“Every Tongue Confess: An Historical Comparison of Pentecostal and Mormon Worship in Tongues”

Alan Clark

“Faith and Suspicion: The Pentecostal Uses of Merold Westphal”

William Oliverio, Jr.

“Finished Work and Wesleyan Holiness Pentecostal Interpretations of Gog and Magog”

Alicia Jackson

“Florence Crawford and Egalitarian Precedents in Early Pentecostalism”

Margaret English de Alminana

“From the Road to Emmaus to the Day of Pentecost: An Old Testament Survey from a Pentecostal Perspective”

Rickie Moore
Brian Peterson

“Giving Room to the Anointing: Carrie Judd Montgomery’s Influence on Women in Ministry”

Jennifer Miskov

"Halakhah: Of Sacred Time and Space"

Alaine Buchanan

"Heavenly Choirs in Earthy Spaces: The Significance of Corporate Spiritual Singing in Early Pentecostal Experience"

Kimberly Alexander

“Historical Perspectives on Spontaneity and Programming in Pentecostal Worship”

Aaron Friesen

“Holy Craftsmen: Rediscovering the Mighty Works of God, His Shadow, and Himself (Exodus 31:1-11; 35:30-35)”

William Raccah

“Holy Spirit-Fired Dream Interpretation”

Gerard Labrecque

“Identity & Identicality”

Robert Wadholm

“In Search of an Alternate Enlightenment: The Early Quaker Contribution to a Spiritual-pneumatological Epistemology”

Joseph Pfeiffer

“Incarnate Pneumatology: Thinking Ecologically about the Spirit”

Jeffrey S. Lamp, Oral Roberts University

“Initial Evidence Not Necessarily Required: Changing Conceptions of Speaking in Tongues and Spirit Baptism among Canadian Pentecostal Clergy”

Andrew Gabriel
Adam Stewart

"Innovative Performance: Latino Worship at Non-Denominational Spirit-Filled Churches"

Miguel Alvarez

“Intercultural Studies in Morality”

Paul Lewis

“Is the Postliberal Understanding of Wittgenstein Exegetically Defensible?: A Rereading of Philosophical Investigations §115”

John Poirier

“Israel’s Story and Our Story: Hearing the Whole Story from Psalms 105 and 106”

Lee Martin

"Jashil Choi (1915-1989): The Mother-in-Law and Mentor of Yonggi Cho"

Sin Ho Kim

“Leah, the Unwanted Wife: The Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Effects on Women in The Pentecostal Church When They are Divorced or Unmarried”

Candace Shields

“Liberation in Black Urban Pentecostal Worship”

Wayne Solomon
Franco Crosby

“Life in the Family of God: Luke’s Household Emphasis and its Impact on Christian Values”

Michael Salmeier

“Lilian B. Yeomans: Medical Doctor, Dope Addict, and Faith Healer”

Desiree Rodgers

“Materiality, Beauty, and Space: The Eastern Traditions as a Ressourcement for Pentecostal Worship and the Arts”

Steve Overman

“Metaphor, Meaning and Moving in the Spirit: Renewing Culture in Counseling”

Laura Land
Oliver McMahan

“Moral Progression”

Terry Samples

“Music and Meaning: Meaningful Encounter with the Holy Spirit Through Music"

David Perry

“Musical Worship as Pentecostal Sacrament”

Richard Griggs

“Oakland, California at a Crossroads of the Ministries of Pentecostal Women”

Abraham Ruelas

“Overcoming Ethnic Tension through Pneumatic Worship: A Reading of John 4:23–24”

Rodolfo Estrada III

“Paul’s Self-Depiction as Fool in Greco-Roman Mime”

Paul Hertig

“Pentecostal Reading of the Epistle of James”

Esa Autero

“Pentecostal Temple Church of God in Christ Gospel Music: An Impetus for Civil Rights Activism”

Jonathan Chism

“Pentecostal Worship and Hermeneutics: Engagement with the Spirit”

R. Jerome Boone

“Philosophical Foundations of Christians Morality”

Brandon Schmidly

“Planting a Church in the Local Culture”

Andy Opie

“Popular Music and Pentecostal Worship: A Match Made in Heaven?”

Daniel Thornton

“Promise, Patience and Presence: A Study of Prophetic Realism”

Wilhelm Wessels

“Psychological Foundations of Christian Morality”

Geoffrey Sutton

“Reading, Living Out, and Interpreting the Bible with Pentecostal Christians in the Global South: Reception Overtures”

Israel Kamudzandu

“Real and Imagined Spaces in Ezra-Nehemiah: The Place of Collective Memory in the Re-Formation of Cultural Identity in Yehud”

Camilla Belfon

“Ruth Vassar Burgess: Many Cultures, Multiple Perspectives”

Lois Olena

“Sacraments are for Evangelicals; Evangelicals are for Sacraments”

Dimitri Sala

“Same-Sex Marriage, and Christian Morality”

Geoffrey Sutton

“Scandal and Censure: A Reinvestigation of the Socio-Political Forces Surrounding the Disappearance of Aimee Semple Mcpherson”

Margaret English de Alminana

“Science as an Ethos: Content and Method of Science as Subsidiary to Character”

Douglas Olena

“Seal of the Spirit: The Sacrament of Confirmation and Pentecostal Spirit Baptism”

Alex Mayfield

"Self-Involving Rhetorical Questions in Israel’s Worship Literature"

Jim Adams

“Social Media and the Pentecostal Church”

Kyle Smith

“Speaking Without Breaking the Silence, Pioneering Pentecostal Women Ministers Tell Their Stories”

Elaine Cleeton

“Spirit of Beauty and Suffering: Toward a Pneumatology of Aesthetics and Theodicy”

Alan Le

“Stan Burgess and the Artifacts of Renewal”

Eric N. Newberg, Oral Roberts University

“Surprising Bedfellows: Theology and Science Interpretation and Integration”

Michael Tenneson
Donald Johns
David Bundrick

“The Art of Revival: The Influence of the Arts on the Brownsville Revival”

Yvette Garcia

“The Art(s) of Worship: Resourcing ‘Reception Pneumatology’”

Tim Allen

“The Arts and the Spirit in Exodus 28-36”

Jack Levison

“The Betrayal of Women Missionaries in Film”

Robert Gallagher

“The Birth of the Foursquare Gospel in Canada: Tracing the Roots of the First Foursquare Church in Vancouver, Canada”

Derek Geerlof

“The Confluence of Past, Present, and Future in Preaching and Eucharist: An Application of Rosenstock-Huessy’s ‘Cross of Reality’ to Christian Worship”

Chris Emerick

“’The Lord Will Get Him a Band’: A.J. Tomlinson and the Pentecostal World-Wide Mission Band”

David Roebuck

“The Penitential Psalms and Wholeness: Penitential Psalms in the Context of Ancient Near Eastern Penitential Prayers”

Joel Hamme

“The Praxis of Living A Theology of Co-Gender Ministry”

Ava Oleson

"The Prophetic Cry for Justice: A Pentecostal Response to Racism and Mass Incarceration"

Peter Althouse

“The Spirituals as a Precursor to Early American Pentecostal Ethos, Pathos, and Logos”

Jermaine Marshall

“The Toronto Catacombs: A Case Study in the Messy Convergence of Spirit Seekers, Blended Worship and Dance, and Leadership Failure”

Ewen Butler

“The Transformative Performance of Pentecostal Sermons: A Comparison of Pentecostal Preaching with the Early Church’s Practice of Letter Writing”

Adam White

“The War for the World: A Comparison of the Green Apocalypses in Ursula Le Guin's The Word For WorldiIs Forest, James Cameron’s Avatar, and the Book of Revelation”

Robby Waddell

“The Young Speak: The Elihu Speeches and Bridging the Generational Divide”

Samantha Scott

“The ‘Outback Spirit’ of Pentecostal Women Pioneers in Australia”

Jacqueline Grey

"Theological Foundations of Christian Morality"

Peter Althouse

“Toward an Understanding of Contemporary Worship and its Social Impact”

David Luckey

“Trembling and Wandering at Mount Sinai: A Comparison of the People’s Response”

Narelle Coetzee

“Two Histories of Pentecostal Missionization of Aboriginal Peoples in Northern Canada: A Study of Fairford, Manitoba and Weagamow, Ontario”

Graham Gibson

“Using Philosophy to Think About Abortion”

Brandon Schmidly

“Wairua Tapu, Pentecostal Experience and Social Change: Exploring Connections between the Spirit, Community Formation and Social Engagement Among Māori In Aotearoa-New Zealand”

Michael Frost

“What Can You Do with a Blessing? The Rhetorical Function of the Eulogy of 2 Corinthians 1.3-7”

Mark E. Roberts, Oral Roberts University

“What has Lima to do with Toronto? Towards the Development of a Canadian Latina Evangélica Liberation Theology”

Carmen Ramírez

“What is Prophetic about Prophecy? An Attempt to Overcome the Dichtomy in the Scholarly Discussion on Prophets and on Prophecy in the New Testament”

Matthias Wenk

"When Liberation Becomes Survival"

Estrelda Alexander

“When Prophets Play the Lyre: Saul and the Strings of the Spirit”

Rick Wadholm Jr.

“Why Matthew 25:36 Hospitality is not Enough: Towards a Missional Theology of Prison Ministry”

Linda Smith Barkman

“With Lyres, Harps, and Cymbals: A Pentecostal Reading of Prophecy and Prophetic Worship as Liturgical Functions in Chronicles”

Isaac Lund

“Women as Assemblies of God Church Planters: Cultural Analysis and Strategy Formation”

Joy Qualls

"Women in Ministry: 'And the Bible Says …'"

Melissa Archer

“Worship and Open Heaven in Revelation”

Jon Newton

“Worship and Spirituality in the First Millennium Church of the East Mission in China: Lessons for the Pentecostal Mission Work Today”

Paul Lewis

“Worship as Lifestyle: an Exegetical Study of Ephesians 5:15-20 (Biblical Answer to Contemporary Pentecostal Worship)”

Thang Mung

“Worship His Majesty: The Contributions of Jack W. Hayford to Expressive, Embodied Contemporary Worship beyond Pentecostalism”

S. David Moore

“’Worship In Spirit and Truth’: The Role of Worship in the Fourth Gospel in Concert With the Liturgy of the Apocalypse”

Melissa L. Archer

“Worship, Ritual, and Violence in Brazil: Neo-Pentecostal Gatherings and the Mystical Legitimation of Religious Intolerance”

João Chaves

“Worshipping God the Spirit ‘In Spirit and in Truth’ In Africa: One African Woman’s Reflections on John 4:19-24”

Madipoane Masenya

“Yes, Lord! Examining Black Pentecostal Worship through the Habitus of the Black Folk Religious Tradition”

Dara Delgado