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Sunday, January 1st

"A Catholic-Pentecostal Perspective on the Eucharist: the Eucharist as Sacrifice"

Lawrence Francis Ligocki

"A Cultural Sensitive Reading of Nahum 3:1-7"

Wilhelm J. Wessels

"A Panexperiential Pentecostal-Buddhist Dialogue"

Joel D. Daniels

"A Pentecostal Reading/Healing of Ephesians 5:21-6:9: Complementarianism and Egalitarianism-Whose Side Are you Leaning On?"

Melissa L. Archer
Kenneth J. Archer

"A Woman Encompasses a Warrior: Jeremiah 31:15-22 as a Model for Spiritual Warfare"

Lacy D. Anderson

"Abraham Meets Paul: Kierkegaard and Badiou on Overcoming Idolatry and Ideology"

Austin Williams

"Alasdair MacIntyre, Pluralism, and Pentecostal Ethics"

Andrew Yound

"An Approach to the 'Galilean Manifesto' of Luke 4:18-19: Expanding Transformation for People in the Margins"

Miguel Alvarez

"An Ecumenical Reading of Joshua 22: Misplaced Zeal, Self-Preservation and the Pentecostal Desire for a Progressive Vision"

Micheline Facey

"Andrew D. Urshan: the Christology of an Eastern Voice in Oneness Pentecostalism"

Daniel L. Segraves

"Bearing Witness: the Place of Minority and Marginalized Faith Communities in Ecumenical Practice"

Gerald Shenk

"Biblical Personalities and Trauma: Towards a Theology of Wellbeing"

Valerie Rance

"Black Lives Matter...Especially to God: a Oneness Pentecostal Perspective on Pentecostalism and Violence in America"

Sarah Wise-Ware

"Canada's First Martyr: the Suspicious Dearth of Winnipeg's WWI Pentecostal Conscientious Objector David Wells"

Martin W. Mittelstadt

"Care for Creation and the Great Commandment"

R Jerome Boone

"Charismatic Cultures: Another Shadow Side Confessed"

Truls Akerlund
Karl Tangen

"Charismatic Cultures: Another Shadow Side Confessed"

Truls Akerlund
Karl Inge Tangen

"Charismatic Cultures: Another Shadow Side Confessed"

Karl Inge Tangen
Truls Akerlund

"Charismaticism in the Taiwanese Context: a Newfound Friend or a Good Old Companion?"

Judith C. P. Lin

"Church Planting and Discipleship in a Shame Culture"

Bob Houlihan

"Clothing in Eden and Beyond: A Thematic Study of Biblical Theme of Clothing"

Thang San Mung

"Communal Charisms and Collective Charisma: a Theological and Sociological Analysis of Recent Roman Catholic Teaching on Charismatic Gifts"

John Gresham

"Conscientious Scruples: Approaches Towards War and Peacemaking within the United Pentecostal Church and the Assemblies of God During the Cold War Era"

Zachary Michael Tackett

"Cosmopolitan Redemption: a Pentecostal Theology of Culture, Society, and the Public Good"

Wolfgang Vondey

"Diverse Contours of Pentecostalism in Israel/Palestine"

Eric N. Newberg, Oral Roberts University

"Diversity in Early Pentecostalism: the Role of Theological, Ethnic, and Racial Divisions in Shaping Texas Pentecostalism"

J. Gordon Melton

"Divine Eschatology and the Future Possibility of God: Jurgen Moltmann and Richard Kearney in Conversation"

Peter Althouse

"Divine Experiences in an Ethnically Prejudicial World: a Reading of Peter's Encounter with Cornelius in Acts 10:28-48"

Rodolfo Galvan Estrada III

"Doxology as Glossolalia: a Strategy for Contributing to a Culture of Pentecost in the Catholic Church"

David de la Fuente

"Early Pentecostals and the 'Terror Texts': How Early Pentecostals Dealt with Paul's Controversial Writings about Women"

Johnnie Peyton

"Exploring Contextualization and Folk Religious Practices in Songkran, the Thai New Year"

Andrew Opie

"Facing the Decline: Secularism and Post-Christendom in the Pentecostal Assemblies of Newfoundland and Labrador"

Bradly Truman Noel

"Flowing Together: The Origins and Early Development of Hillsong Church Within Assemblies of God in Australia"

Denise A. Austin

"From Moses to Jesus Through Jeremiah: A Continuum"

Jared S. Runck

"God in Mission: Determining a Proper Interpretation of the Logos in John's Prologue"

Lisa Reddy

"Healing an Old Wound--Reconciliation of Oneness and Trinitarian Pentecostals for the Sake of Koinonia and Ecumenical Witness"

David A. Reed

"Healing or Sidelining? Postwar Women's Ministries in the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada"

Linda M. Ambrose

"Her Skin Absorbs the Sun Rays and Her Hair Defies Gravity: Detangling the Historical Roots of Black Hair and the Female Body in Black Pentecostalism"

Dara Delgado

"Holy Ghost Tribe: the Holiness Movement in the Borderlands and the Origins of Pentecostalism"

Skyler Reidy

"Holy Vulnerability: A Trinitarian Approach to Kenosis"

Stephen Calme

"Italian Pentecostalism and Counter-Culturalism: the Holiness Code of Ethics"

Paul J. Palma

"Just Who Is the Lorax?: Cli-Fi, Reception Exegesis and Reading the Bible Ecologically"

Jeffrey S. Lamp, Oral Roberts University

"Literature of Resistance or Remembrance? Reading Daniel's Rejection of the King's Wine as Anamnesis of Isaiah's Song of the Vineyard"

Samantha J. Scott

"Luke's Use of Psalm 30:6 LXX in Acts 6:1-7; 7:54-8:3"

David P. Johnson

"Magic, Materiality, and the Cosmos: Towards a Pentecostal Definition (?) of Magic"

Isaac Lund

"Mama Lillian Trasher (1887-1961) and Her Famous Home in Egypt: Healing from Orphanhood"

Tharwat Maher Nagib Adly Nagib

"Many and Various Ways: the Causation of Illness in Pentecostal-Charismatic Christianity, Medicine, and the New Testament"

E. Janet Warren

"Mission in Chicago: A Local Chinese Immigrant Church"

Robert L. Gallagher

"Modalism in the Second and Third Centuries"

David K. Bernard

"New Testament Foundations for Pentecostalism's Empirical Culture"

Isaac T. Soon

"On Medicine-Men and the Anointing: The Question of Power in African Pentecostalism"

Alex R. Mayfield

"Paul's Christological Adaption of Zechariah's Day of Yahweh"

David P. Johnson

"Pentecostal Culture, or Pentecost of Culture?-Transformation, Paradigms, Power, Unity"

Dimitri Sala

"Pentecostal Experience and Conscientization: Exploring the Liberative Potential of Pentecostalism in Relation to Maori in New Zealand"

Michael Frost

"Pentecostals Doing Therapy: Experiencing the Spirit in the Provision of Mental Health Care"

Haley R. French

"Pneumatological Emphases of Codex Bezae's Luke-Acts: An Examination of Readings from a late 4th Century Greek-Latin Bilingual Manuscript"

Bob Welch

"Pre-Theoretical Knowledge and Its Implications for Apologetics: a Pentecostal Perspective"

Yoon Shin

"Reading the Name Giving in Isaiah 7:3ff from a Perspective of Trauma"

Liza Esterhuizen

"Refugee Resettlement, the Order of Charity, and the Spirit of Love"

Caroline Redick

"Refusing to Perpetuate Otherness: Hospitality as the Ecclesial Response and Prevention to Sex Trafficking"

Liz M. Krueger

"Reordering Disordered Prosperity: How the Servant Prospers in Isaiah 52: 13-53:12"

Caroline Batchelder

"Reverend James L. Delk's Interracial Faith: Race, Gender, and Opposition to Early Pentecostalism"

Kenan Brown

"Revival in the Black Church: Theological Method in Pneumatological Perspective"

Andre L. Price

"Seeing in the Holy Spirit: Sight Words and the Miraculous in Luke-Acts"

James B. Shelton, Oral Roberts University

"Soteriological Influences for Garfield T. Haywood on African American Pentecostalism"

Alexander C. Stewart

"Spirit-Created Communities: an Ecclesiology of Connected Community for a Disconnected Culture"

Lindsey L. Croston

"Spirit-Empowered 'Walking Alongside': Towards a Renewal Theology of Public Life"

Mark J. Cartledge

"Spirit-Empowered Liturgy: the Ecumenical Influences of Anglicanism"

Seth A. Whitaker

"Spiritual Health and Excellence: Ecologically and Culturally Responsible Leadership and Institutional Practice"

James P. Bowers

"SPS Presidential Address 2017: Embodiment and the Prophetic Message in Isaiah's Memoir"

Jacqueline Grey

"Suffering: an Opportunity for Relationality"

Pam Walter Engelbert

"Taking Hermeneutics to Heart: Proposing a Pentecostal Orthopathic Reading of Texts of Terror Via the Terror Via the Rape of Tamar"

Casey S. Cole

"The Apostolic Trance: Ecstasy in Pauline Studies"

Duncan Corby

"The Blob that Ate New Haven: The Concept of Meaning in Hans Frei's and Brevard Child's Writings"

John C. Poirier

"The Breath of the Almighty Gives Him Understanding (Job 32:8): the Book of Job and a Charismatic Epistemology"

Joel Hamme

"The Contours of Hillsong's Socio-Ethnical Engagement"

Christopher A. Parkes

The Deciding Truth Scale: How Christian College Students Determine the Veracity of Propositions"

Michael Tenneson
Amylee Brown
Elizabeth Gryskiewicz
Kimberly-Megan Kue
Brittany Lester
Lorena Madera
Anna McWoods
Kalyn Miller
Emily Mulkey

"The Doctrine of the Trinity, Heresy, and Theological Hospitality"

Kevin Snider

"The Function of the Psalms in Early Pentecostalism as Reflected in the Periodical Literature from 1906-1915"

Lee Roy Martin

"The Holy Spirit and Empowerment for Mission: What Might Lutherans Learn from Pentecostals"

Cheryl M. Peterson

"The Holy Spirit Goes to College: the Role of a Spirit-Filled Life in the Spiritual Vitality of Christian University Students"

John Farquhar Plake

"The Multicultural Influences on the Brownsville Revival"

Yvette D. Garcia

"The Pentecostal Evangelical Church: the Theological Self-Identity of the Assemblies of God as Evangelical 'Plus"

Daniel D. Isgrigg, Oral Roberts University

"The Role of the Theological Virtues in Shaping Character"

Michael D. Palmer

"The Sexual Politics of Meat: Correlations Between Animal Consumption and Violence Towards Women"

Hannah Siegmund

"The Sisterhood: Hillsong in a Feminine Key"

Tanya Riches

"The Social Gospel and the Full Gospel: Tensions in Early 20th Century Assemblies of God Missiology"

Malcolm R. Brubaker

"The Spirit of God in Enemy Camp: Cross-Cultural Mission Among the Philistines in 1 Samuel 4-7"

Sarita D. Gallagher

"The Spirit of Time: Pneumatological Reflections on Malick's Cinema"

Chris E.W. Green

"The Stranger in Athens: Echoes of Plato's Sophist and Statesman in Acts 17"

Robert R. Wadholm

"The Supreme Court's Defeat of the LGBT Community and Its Ecclesiological Implications"

Joseph Lear

"The Symbiotic Relationship Possibilities Between the Joint Phenomenons of the Modern Pentecostal Movement and the Modern Worldwide Diaspora"

Joey R. Peyton

"The Things Presidents Say: the Use of Swords into Plowshares by Republican Presidents from Eisenhower to Bush II

John Ragsdale

"The Toilet Tissue Church: Pentecostal Influence on the Prison Church in the California Institution for Women"

Linda Lee Smith Barkman

"The Trialectics of the Lamb: (Re)Discovering the Lion, Root, and Lamb Through Intertexually Exploration"

David R. Johnson

"Theologizing Human Difference in a Complex World"

Anthony Richard Roberts

"Theologizing to the Rhythm of Salsa: a Puerto Rican (Caribbean) Exploration"

Wilmer Estrada-Carrasquillo

"Toward a Biblical Theology of World Religions: Cross-Cultural Divine Translation in Deuteronomy 4:19-20; 32:8-9; Malachi 1:11; and Acts 17:22-31"

David P. Melvin

"Toward a Pentecostal Hermeneutic of the Former Prophets"

Rick Wadholm Jr.

"Toward a Theological Middle Ground: Options for a Broader Conversation Regarding the Godhead"

Estrelda Y. Alexander

"Toward a Theological Middle Ground: Options for a Broader Conversation Regarding the Godhead"

Estrelda Y. Alexander

"Towards a Pentecostal Conscientizing Praxis of Mass Culture Engagement: Employing Tracey Rowland’s Critique on the Gaudium Et Spes Constitution, Vis-à-vis the Contrasting Pneumatologies of Amos Yong and Simon Chan"

Monte Lee Rice

"Towards a Pentecostal Reading of Revelation"

Jon K. Newton

"Trinitarian Principles for Church Boards and the Pastoral Performance Review"

Heather A. Card

"Undoing Pilate's Error: How the Church Washed Its Hands of Culture and What We Can Do About It"

Phil Kallberg

"Unearthing the Roots of the Alabamaian Cogic Sisters of Thunder: the Material Slave Genalogy and African Ancestry of District Evangelist Missionary Mary L. Meachams Sanders Atkins (1895-1995) of Tuscaloosa, Alabama and District Evangelist Missionary Venell A. Pleasant (1907-1979) of Gadsden, Alabama"

Anntoinette S. McFadden

"Unnatural Offenses and All Manner of Evil Spoken Falsely: Pentecostal Conversations on the Possible Homosexual Acts of Charles Fox Parham"

Andre Shan Johnson

"Utilizing a Practical Theology Method to Explore Impact of Cultural Context on Vocation Formation: a Case Study"

Susan L. Maros

"What Does 'Obeyed the Gospel' Mean in Rom. 10:16?"

Glen W. Menzies

Thursday, March 9th

2017 SPS Conference Program

Holy Spirit Research Center, Oral Roberts University