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According to current statistics, the Czech Republic is a secular, post-communist, post-Christian nation that is almost 80% atheist/agnostic, yet it boasts a vibrant spiritual heritage. Over the last twenty-five years of ministry in this country, the author has observed that it is challenging for Czechs, specifically those newly professing faith in Christ, to integrate into local Czech churches. This research paper briefly reviews the Biblical foundations for the Church, its mission and purpose, and then explores some of the reasons that Czechs resist the Church and organized religion. This paper argues that Czechs are not averse to God but rather resistant to any form of manipulation or control via the Church, organized religion, or public institutions. This paper demonstrates that Czechs are looking for authentic relationships where they can trust others and be free of control and manipulation. Finally, this paper advocates for ministry models such as "cell" or "house" churches where new believers can learn how one's faith in God connects with and applies to daily life; faith and religion that is practical and relevant and addresses their felt needs.

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