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While researching women, this author found that a large portion of philosophical writings didn’t meet the academic and theological standards set forth. The desire was to find writings about the philosophy of women as a separate gender with Christ at the center of the musings. With this in mind, Through the Library was imagined. It begins with a short story, wherein the main character, Darius, has a crisis of confidence and falls asleep in a library. He dreams a conversation with Lady Wisdom, who gives him philosophical ideas on women in regard to motherhood, success, and God. Then, the paper dives into each individual topic, synthesizing older philosophy with modern, atheistic, feminist philosophy. The result is a claim about the philosophical truth, which has, at its root, Biblical Scripture and contains the ideas presented by both sides of the philosophical argument. The purpose of this paper is to argue the importance of studying women separate from men, by establishing female-specific philosophical truths in relation to parenting, success, and religion.


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