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HanSung Hong

Date of Award


Document Type

Applied Research Project

Degree Name

Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


The thesis of this dissertation is that second-generation Korean American teens of Pilgrim Community Church in Burke, VA, who are under the leadership of first generation Korean immigrants, face various cultural challenges in their church life. These challenges are multi-dimensional in character. Therefore, to understand the challenges properly, it is crucial to have a viewpoint that includes various historical, contextual, and relational angles. These perspectives are not separate but cohesive issues. This dissertation is framed into three sections. The first section begins with a literature review dealing with three areas of studies: (l) Characteristics of Korean Immigrant Churches in the USA, (2) Generational Tensions Between First- and SecondGeneration in Korean Immigrant Churches in the USA (3) Major Reasons Young Christians Leave the Institutional Churches in the USA today. The second section is allocated for a presentation of the research procedure, arguing that conducting a focus group is the ideal way to understand the cultural challenges that the second-generation teens attending a particular immigrant church face under the first-generation leadership. The research is then presented and reveals that the cultural challenges that the PCC teens face are indeed multi-dimensional. The dissertation concludes with a chapter charting three major cultural challenges the PCC teens face, along with ideas for further study.