Whole Leader

First Issue


《全人領袖》中文季刊第一季圍繞“新冠、感恩、得勝、勇敢”等關鍵詞,其中有全球著名的牧師和ORU教職員工、學生、學生家長及訪問學者分享他們的感想;另外,本季雜誌也向讀者分享神在ORU及起社區所做的奇妙之事;當然,也有很多關於靈力21和聖靈的分享。 希望廣大讀者能被分享鼓勵,再次看到神永遠在掌權和看顧,在祂裡面就有盼望的光! The first issue of the Chinese magazine "Whole Leader" is centered on the keywords "New Crown, Gratitude, Victory, Courage," in which world-renowned pastors and ORU faculty, staff, students, parents, and visiting scholars share their stories and articles. We hope that our readers will be encouraged by articles, news, and testimonies. The power of the Holy Spirit will transform people's lives.