Hongyeol Kim

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Acts 16:6-15 records Paul’s second missional journey begins with the divine guidance. By obeying the Spirit, Paul went to Macedonia where he never planned to go to preach the Gospel. Back then, a man was led by the Spirit in an unanticipated way. About two thousand years later, a similar event happened to a woman, Rev. Seen-Ok Ahn. By the guidance of the Spirit, Ahn went in a direction she had not previously planned, and expanded the Kingdom of God in South Korea. Thus, how can contemporary Christians understand the divine guidance of Spirit based on these two experiences?

The purpose of this thesis is to compare the divine guidance of Ahn with Paul’s Spirit-guided mission and ministry in light of Acts 16:6-15. Chapter 1 provided an introduction and background on Acts. Chapter 2 exegeted Acts 16:6-10 in the light of “divine guidance of the Holy Spirit.” Chapter 3 did exegetical word studies on Acts 16:11-15, focusing on the meeting of Paul and Lydia and the influence of the mission led by the Holy Spirit. Chapter 4 reviewed the life and ministry of Ahn and found similarities and effectiveness between Paul’s second missional journey and Ahn’s ministry being led by the Spirit.