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This thesis analyzes existing interpretations of theodicy in the book of Job, in order to suggest an alternative approach informed by the nature and mission of Christ. Much of biblical scholarship in Job has focused on a classical approach to theodicy or, in recent years, deconstructed anti-theodicy. This thesis offers an alternative approach that focuses on the Christological overtones in Job and a modern synthesis of Old and New Testament theodicy.

Chapter 1 introduces the problem of theodicy in Job, and a taxonomy of lenses traditionally used to examine Old Testament theodicy. Chapter 2 analyzes classical perspectives of Job derived from those lenses, and draws some conclusions about its interpretive history. Chapter 3 then puts forth two non-classical perspectives, and explores the Christological elements of Job’s journey, in order to suggest that these provide an alternative framework for interpreting the book’s theodicy. Finally, chapter 4 considers the implications of being attentive to Christology in interpreting the theodical message of Job.


Master of Arts (Theological and Historical Studies)