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Bonding is one of the first developmental tasks for infants and is imperative for successful growth. The bonding phase begins in the periods immediately following birth. Complications that inhibit bonding postpartum may delay this process. Breastfeeding barriers, maternal substance abuse, and poor maternal mental health are among the contributing factors to delayed bonding. The purpose of this research study was to answer the question, “What best practiced nursing interventions assist mothers to promote bonding with the newborn after high risk deliveries?” This research review included a sample size of 10 articles which provided a variety of interventions to promote bonding in the high risk delivery. The interventions that targeted the issues included skin-to-skin, ulterior breastfeeding strategies, in-rooming with infant and mother, maternal voice, and infant massage. The implications attest to the need of nurses’ education to clients during this phase, as well as further research. Results provided evidence based interventions to enhance the bonding process in the postpartum recovery phases.



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