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Wednesday, January 1st

"A Cautious Hermeneutical Relationship: The Influence Of Ludwig Feuerbach’s Philosophical Framework Within James H. Cone’s God Of The Oppressed"

Anthony Roberts

"A Hermeneutics of Ignorance: Ancient and Modern Power Narratives Contextualized in the Origins of Yahwism"

Hannah Kahn-Siegmund

A Re-evaluation of the apocalypse's bowl judgments

Daniel I. Morrison

"A Spirit-Sensitive Hermeneutics And Jesus’ Farewell Speech: A Socio-Rhetorical Reading Of The Spirit In John 13:33-17:26"

Riku P. Tuppurainen

"A Woman Shall Compass A Man: A Historical Look At The Development And Influence Of The Lawsonian Doctrine On African-American Pentecostalism"

Alexander Constantine Stewart

"An Incarnational Pneumatology Based On Romans 8.18-30: The Spirit As God’s Solidarity With A Suffering Creation"

Matthias Wenk

"An Interpretation of the Absence of God as an Encounter with God: Augmenting the Pentecostal Theology of an Experience with God"

Pam Walter Engelbert

Augustine and Pentecostals: Building a Hermeneutical Bridge Between Past and Present Experience in the Psalms"

Derek M. Geerlof

'“Behold, I Make All Things New:” Maintaining & Advancing Pentecostal Identity By Developing A Distinctive Liturgy"

Aaron D. Yenney

"Being There in the Text: Explorations in Biblical Hermeneutics with a Little Help from Heidegger"

Justin J. Evans

"Biblical Personalities And Trauma: Towards A Theology Of Wellbeing"

Valerie Rance

"Christian Healing Ministries and the Embodiment of Charismatic Prayer"

Peter Althouse

"Cognitive Penetration Of Pentecostal Hermeneutics"

Robert R. Wadholm

"Come Up Higher: Higher Life Historical/Theological Roots of the Pentecostal Movement"

Paul L. King

"Connecting Personal and Spiritual Growth: the Neglected Link in Discipleship"

Steve Lim

"Does The Spirit Play A Role In Hermeneutics? An Exegetical Response To A False Premise"

John C. Poirier

"Eat, Drink, and Be Merry: a Theology of Hospitality in Luke-Acts"

Martin William Mittelstadt

"Ecclesial Vocation, the Call to Holiness, and the Sanctifying Interpretation of Scripture"

Chris E.W. Green

"Ecoing Hirsch: Hermeneutics at the Poles"

Glen W. Menzies

"Evangelical Unity In The Pentecostal Theology"

Christopher Richmann

"Fundamental Missiological Declarations: A Review Of “Misiones En Conjunto De Las Asambleas De Dios De Iberoamerica” Identity"

DeLonn Rance

"Getting ‘Redemption Right’ Wrong: The Inconsistency Of Aspects Of A. B. Simpson's Doctrine Of Divine Healing With The Theology Of The Fourfold Gospel"

Bernie A.Van De Walle

"Girl Talk: A Feminist Re-Imagination of Pentecostal Theological Discourse and Experience"

Kimberly Ervin Alexander

'“. . . Give Them A King”: Prophetic Voice, Intentional Ambiguity And Lessons On The Ethics Of Power In The Books Of Samuel"

April Westbrook

"Grieving, Brooding, and Transforming: the Spirit, the Bible and Gender"

Cheryl Bridges Johns

"Healers, Pentecostals And Charismatics As Social Activists"

Gary K. Pranger

Oral Roberts University

"Healthy Doctrinal Foundations for Charismatic, Pentecostal, and Other Churches"

Allan Gravely

"Hermeneutical Issues in Romans 9: Election and Paul's Use of Scripture"

Steven Scott Alt

"Hermeneutics and the Church of the East in the First Millennium Missiological Context of Central/East Asia: Lessons for the Contemporary Globalized Church"

Paul W. Lewis

"Hermeneutics, Historical Narrative and Holy Land: Palestinian and Messianic Eschatologies of the Psalter"

Alicia Jackson

"How Primitive!: the Modern Pentecostal Movement as a Reflection of Cultural Primitivism"

Robert Berg

"I am Not Belligerent, I am Bored: Bernice Gerard, Her Feminist Ideologies, and Canadian Women in Ministry"

Linda M. Ambrose

"Interpreting the Holy Spirit Eschatologically--with Implications for Ministry and Spirit Baptism"

Andrew K. Gabriel

"Intuition and Imagination: Pentecostal Beliefs and Practices of Spirit Baptism Through a Postcolonial Reading of the Apostolic Faith"

Vince Le

"‘Is He Not Just Speaking Parables?’ Ezekiel’s Hidden Polemic Under Imperial Rule"

Sara Wells

"J.H. King's Theology and Practice of Pentecostal Preaching"

Tony G. Moon

"Jesus and the Blood Taboo Laws: a Hermeneutical Muddle"

Janet Meyer Everts

"Jonathan Edwards's Theology of Religious Affections: A Proposal for Postmodern Pentecostals"

Rebecca Nicol

"Keeping in Step with the Spirit: a Charismatic Formational Hermeneutic"

Rachel A. Fox

"Let There Be Life!: the Biology of Creation"

B. K. Mitchell

"Living In The Spirit: A Post-Constantinian And Trinitarian Methodology For Retrieving The Early Pentecostals’ Social Ethic"

Andréa Snavely

"Locating the Spirit in Meaning Experience: Empirical Theology"

Mark J. Cartledge

'“Love Your Neighbor!” Truth, Tolerance, And The Shaping Of Meaning: A Pentecostal Response To The Debate Over Same-Sex Marriage"

Desiree Wyndham

"Missionary Methods: St. Paul's, St. Roland's, or Ours?"

Robert L. Gallagher

"On Pentecostal Spirituality: the Quest for a Deeper Formation"

Deborah Gill
Stephanie Nance

"On Pentecostal Spirituality: The Quest For a Deeper Formation"

Deborah Gill

"Online Alter Calls: the Ethics and Meaning of Uploading Someone Else's Religions Experience"

Jeff C. Magruder

"Pentecostal Community And The Formation of Pentecostal Identity Among Hispanic Immigrants"

Eduardo Nieves

"Pentecostal Hermeneutics and the Normativity of the Apostolic New Testament Community"

James D. Hernando

"Pentecostal “Body” Politics: Footwashing And Its Significance For A Pentecostal And Political Identity"

Lisa P. Stephenson

"Philosophy and Development Psychology: an Analysis

William K. Kay

"Plato’s Letter 7: Hermeneutics Of The Mind"

Douglas F. Olena

"Presidential Audio"

LeeRoy Martin

"Radical Networks in the UK and Ecumenism"

William K. Kay

"Radical Orthodoxy, Pentecostalism, And Embodiment In Exodus 20: Re-Envisioning Pentecostal Liturgy For Person Formation"

Yoon Shin

"Reading In The Spirit: A Post-Constantinian Method For A Pentecostal Hermeneutic"

Andréa D. Snavely

"Reading Leviticus Consistently: a Hermeneutic for Applying Both Clean/Unclean Rules and the Homosexual Relations Prohibition Today"

Roger D. Cotton

"Redemption and the Hermeneutics of Embodiment: Creation, Incarnation and Theosis"

Daniela C. Augustine

"Reflections of an Outsider on the Current Status of Pentecostalism"

Donald E. Miller

"Situating Social Justice Within Renewal Thought And Praxis"

Michae Palmer

"Sixteenth Century Anabaptism and the Manifestation of Glossolalia"

Charles Byrd

"Spirit And Prejudice"

Merold Westphal

"Spirit And Prejudice: The Dialectic Of Interpretation"

Merold Westphal

"Spirit Baptism In communal Perspective: The Challenge of Traditioning Pentecostal Spirituality"

Peter D. Neumann

"Surprising Bedfellows: Hermeneutics of Faith and Science Integration"

David R. Bundrick
Michael Tenneson

"Surprising Bedfellows: Hermeneutics Of Faith And Science Integration"

David R. Bundrick

"Teresa of Avila and Early Pentecostals: Similarities and Variances"

Lisa Millen

"Texas as Pentecostalism's Second Birthplace"

J Gordon Melton

"That Night On The Threshing Floor: Reading Ruth Reading Us"

Jared S. Runck

The "Role Of The Holy Spirit In Hermeneutics: The Pentecostal Edge?"

Bradley Truman Noel

"The Challenge and the Promise of a Hermeneutics of Testimony"

Scott Ellington

"The Devil's Suicide: Early Pentecostal Hermeneutics of Space and Their Ecotheological Implications"

Brandon Hubbard-Heitz

The Early Doctrine of Theotokos and a Pentecostal Response"

Margaret English de Alminana

"The Ethical Primacy of the Poor in the Hermeneutics of Change in Gustavo Gutierrez's Theology of Liberation"

Joseph Davis

"The Experience of Call to Ministry as a Process of Meaning-Making"

Susan L. Moros

The God of The Heavens is Most High: Negotiating The Identities of God(s) Daniel 1-7

Meghan D. Musy

"The Leading of the Holy Spirit: A Pentecostal Perspective of the Spirit's Role in Biblical Interpretation"

Adrian Hinkle

"The Person and Work of the Holt Spirit in the Process of Contextualization Using the Missional Helix"

Mark Hausfeld

"The Place Of Intimacy In The Interpretation Of Biblical Metaphors: The Promised Land As Flowing With Milk And Honey"

Bob Stallman

"The Problem of Herem Through the Lens of Jewish Interpretation Across the Centuries"

William L. Lyons, Oral Roberts University

"The Role Of The Spirit In Interpretation: An Ecumenical And Comparative Discussion Of Karl Barth And Kenneth Archer"

Todd Pokrifka

"The Sententiae of Peter Lombard"

John Marshall Loving

"The Theological Significance Of Yôm In Genesis 1"

Rick Wadholm Jr.

"The Torah and Worship"

R Jerome Boone

"The ‘Sinless Man’ Of Oneness — A Non-Chalcedonian ‘Incarnation’'

David A. Reed

"Then You Shall Know That I am the Lord: Spirit, Scripture and Community and the Tridactic Negotiation for Meaning in Ezekiel 14:1-11"

Micheline Facey

"Thomas King Leonard: a Truly Indispensable Man"

P Douglas Chapman

"To Build of To Be: a Pentecostal's Intertexual Exploration of Sarah's Scheme"

Narelle Melto

"Tongues And The Revelation Of Being: Reading Pentecostal Spirituality With Heidegger"

Jared Vázquez

"Towards A Pneumatic Biblical Hermeneutics That Takes Into Account Jewish Hermeneutical Practices"

Alicia Angelica Panganiban

"Transforming Renewal Through a Charismatic-Catholic Encounter: an Experience in Receptive Ecumenism"

Andy Lord

"What Has Boston to do with Los Angeles? Pentecostals and the Pragmatic Imagination"

Randall Holm

"When God Speaks: Modifications within the Hermeneutical Basics and Confirming Praxis of Revelation within the Thought of the Later Gutierrez"

Joseph Davis