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Friday, January 1st

“A Foray into Emerging Church Theology”

Patrick Oden

“A Look at Recent IPHC Theological Endeavors: What Kind Of Philosophical Method is Needed for Salutary and Revelational Pentecostal Theology?”

Paul Oxley

“A Question of Balance: Eph. 6:10-17 in Light of an Asian Perspective on the World of Spirits”

Keh-Mui Choo
David Seah
Jeanne Tin

“Acceptance without Compromise: The Personal Journey of a Pentecostal and a Muslim”

Joyce Lighari
Latif Lighari

“Acts 5:1-11 as Eschatological Theophany”

Martin Monacell

“African Epistemology and the Christian Faith: Towards the Epistemic Use of Orality and Symbolism in African Christian Scholarship”

Clifton Clarke

“An Ontology of the Supernatural: The Contribution of the “Lyrical Scholasticism” of Matthias Scheeben to Charismatic/Pentecostal Theology with Reference to the Latter Rain Movement”

Ralph Del Colle

“Assisting Grieving Individuals from Barrenness to Wholeness”

Candace Shields

“Benevolence and Social Justice in the Hebrew Bible”

R. Jerome Boone

“Boldly Going Where No Pentecostal Had Gone Before: David J. Du Plessis and the 1959 Princeton Missions Lectures”

Joshua Ziefle

“Casseroles and Fried Chicken: The Sacramental Nature of Community Fellowships in North American Pentecostal Churches”

Michael McMullin

“Changing Theology and the Theology of Change”

William Kay

“Christian Holistic Formation in the Imago Dei: A Paradigm”

Diane Chandler

“Construction of our Moral Selves, Beyond Good and Evil”

Douglas Olena

“Crippled Creation: A Disability Theology of the Earth”

A.J. Swoboda

“Denominationalism in Classical and Global Pentecostal Ecclesiology: A Historical and Theological Contribution”

Wolfgang Vondey

“‘Does the Spirit ‘Live in Technicolor’: A Young Pentecostal ‘Dreams Out Loud’”

Christopher Rouse

“Eschatological Realism in Pneumatological Perspective”

Dallas Gingles

“Evidence(s) of Spirit Baptism in the Life of the Church: William Piper and Chicago’s Stone Church as a Case Study”

Zachary Tackett

“Exodus and Covenant in Joel 3:1-5 MT”

Stephen Waldron

“Exploring Yonggi Cho’s Thought and Ministry from the Perspective of Worldview”

Mantae Kim

“Faith, Hope and Love: The Place and Purpose of the Communion of the Saints in N.T. Wright’s Eschatology”

Janet Everts

“From Spirit Baptism to the Trinitarian God: A Proposal for a Pentecostal Trinitarian Theology”

Steven Studebaker

“Imagining the World Otherwise: A Proposal for a Pentecostal Aesthetic”

James Smith

“Is “All Scripture . . . Inspired”? The Meaning of Qeo/Pneustoj in 2 Timothy 3:16”

John Poirier

“‘It’s Like Heaven on Earth’: The Influence of the Apocalypse on the Worship at Azusa”

Melissa Archer

“Lament in the Apocalypse of John”

Rebecca Skaggs
Thomas Doyle

“Luke’s, Not Peter’s, Use of Joel in Acts 2: An Intertextual Analysis of Luke’s Theology in Acts 2”

Timothy Senapatiratne

“Missional Hope….Holistically Transforming a Nation”

Bob Houlihan

“Missionary Wives of Early Twentieth Century Pentecost: Called, Competent, Challenged, and Complement”

Rosemarie Kowalski

“N.T. Wright’s ‘Surprising Eschatology’”

Rebecca Skaggs
Thomas Doyle

“New Voices from the Past: The Untold Story of the Life and Ministry of Rev. Ivan Voronaev”

Dony Donev

“New Wine in Old Wineskins: A Study Of Pentecostal Conversion in a German Lutheran Immigrant Community”

Joshua Ziefle

“Opposing Visions: Early Eschatologies in the Church of God Evangel (1910-1923)”

Larry McQueen

“Orthodox Pneumatology for Pentecostal/Charismatic Spirituality with View of Recovering the Theanthropic Structure in Man”

Jodi Eng
David Seah
Sharon Chua

“Power Dynamics between Hearing and Asking: Hannah’s Naming of Samuel (1 Sam 1:12-28) and its Conceptual”

Joonho Yoon

“Reading Isaiah as a Pentecostal”

Andrew Davies

“Realized Eschatology or Eschatology in the Process of Realization? A Pentecostal-Charismatic Engagement with N. T. Wright’s View of the Present Mission of the Church in the World”

Jeffrey S. Lamp, Oral Roberts University

“Reconciling Liberation Theology and Classic Pentecostalism – Towards a Pentecostal Theology of Liberation”

Carswell Leonard

“Rediscovering Narrative as a New Voice for Reaching New Peoples”

Paul Parks

“Risking Death for the Love Of God: The Theological Ethics of Pentecostals Engaged in High Risk Social Action”

Paul Alexander

“Scripture, Incarnation, and Relationality: Toward a Relational Ontology of Scripture”

Michael Chan

“Spirit and God’s People in the Apocalypse: John’s Use of Zechariah 4 in Light of Speech Act Theory”

Cullen Tanner

“Spirit and Love in Environmental Ethics”

Christopher Vena

“Spirit Baptism and the Ordo Diaconia: An Ecumenical Apologia for the Pentecostal Doctrine of ‘Subsequence’”

Jeremiah Gibbs

“Spirit-Filled Politics: A Quantitative Analysis of Brazilian Pentecostalism”

Aimee Raile

“Spirit-Led Evangelism: Evaluative Criteria for Outreach Praxis in a Pentecostal Context”

Brian Kelly

“Spiritual Healing and Exorcism: Music as a Catalyst in Sacred Space”

D. Weldon Cochren

“The Apostle Paul and Lament: Godly Sorrow as a Pedagogical Tool”

William Simmons

“The Battle for America: The Civil Religion of the Secretary of the Secretary of the Interior James G. Watt, 1981-1983”

Jonathan Root

“The Climax of Testing at Gethsemane: Mark 14:32-42”

Richard Hicks

“The Coming Role of the Holy Spirit for a Trinitarian Pneumatology”

Sang-Hwan Lee

“The Four Living Creatures in Isaiah, Ezekiel, Zechariah(?), and Revelation”

John Skaggs

“The Function of the Doctrine of Spirit Baptism in the History of the Classical Pentecostal Tradition”

Aaron Friesen

"The Greatest of These: The Theological Virtues and Pentecostal Soteriology”

Matthew Thompson

“The Islamization of the Ethnic Groups in Acts 2: From Pentecost until the Crusades”

Robert Brenneman

“The Mediator of Friendship and the Power of Mission: Baptizing the Emerging Church in Pentecostal Waters”

Kyle Bennett

“The Medieval Franciscans a Proto-Pentecostal Movement?”

Jeffrey Gros

“The Missional Implications of the Abrahamic Blessing Motif in Scripture”

Sarita Gallagher

“The Movement towards Mysticism in Gustavo Gutierrez’s Thought: Is This an Open Door to Pentecostal Dialogue?”

Joseph Davis

“The Principle of Analogy in a Biblical Hermeneutic in the Pentecostal/Charismatic Tradition”

Kevin Spawn

“‘The Real Issue in Pentecostalism’: Revival, Institution and the Quest for a Pentecostal Hermeneutic”

David Courey

"The Sermon on the Mount as a Disciple-Making Polemic Against The Pharisees: Implications for Pentecostals”

Gary Tyra

“The Spirit of the Lord, Messiah, and Social Justice in Isaiah 11:2-4; 42:1-4; and 61:1-3”

John Ragsdale

“The Spirit, Context and Mission: A Pneumatological Framework for Contextualization”

John Easter

“The Steadfast Spirit”

Charles Gaulden

“The Thousand-Year Reign (20.1-10)”

John Thomas

“‘Then Their Eyes Were Opened’: Reflections on the Pentecostal’s Bible and the Lord’s Supper”

Chris Green, Oral Roberts University

“Toward a Pentecostal Ecclesiology: Apostles and Prophets in the Contemporary Church”

Philip Mayo

“Verticality and Charisma: A Phenomenological Investigation of the Revelatory Gifts of the Spirit”

Douglas Erickson

“We Don’t Cuss and We Don’t Chew: A Brief Exploration of the Ascetical Impulses within Eastern Christianity & Pentecostalism”

Renea Brathwaite

“Writing Pentecostal History: The Historiography of Ethiopian Pentecostalism”

Jörg Haustein